Mockups of the Purportedly Redesigned Wallet and Health Apps for iOS 17 have been Released

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The Wallet and Health apps are believed to be receiving modifications in iOS 17. A leaker under the handle @analyst941 has just published some mockups that allegedly show the design changes we can anticipate for each app.

Mockups of the Purportedly Redesigned Wallet and Health Apps for iOS 17 have been Released_

A navigation bar can be found at the bottom of the Wallet app mockup, which separates the many offered functions. The following items are categorized: cards, cash, keys, identification cards, and orders. It should be noted that this is just a mockup. Therefore the spelling of “IDs” is most likely a mistake. There is also a tab labeled “Passes & More,” and the source of the leak suggests that there will be other functionality.

Users can access a search interface by swiping down on the screen to look for a card or pass, and there is a “Transactions” button. This would be a functional enhancement over the existing design of the Wallet app because it would simplify the process of locating key elements such as individual passes and order data. Along with the ability to store credit and debit cards, the Wallet app now serves many other functions, so it would not be surprising to see a design similar to this one implemented.

Mockups of the Purportedly Redesigned Wallet and Health Apps for iOS 17 have been Relea sed_

According to Analyst941, the “Favorites” section under the “Summary” tab of the Health app will be redesigned and given an interface in the form of cards. On each card, there will be “visual data,” which may include “colored graphs,” “tables,” and other types of information. It needs to be clear how the card layout for Favorites would work when combined with the Trends and Highlights sections in the Health app’s Summary tab because that tab also has those two parts.

However, this leaker still needs to have a long-term track record, and the shared information should be viewed with some skepticism. Analyst941 leaked accurate information about the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island before its launch last year.

In the past few weeks, Analyst941 has disseminated rumors about new features that will be included in iOS 17. These rumors include the speculation that a “special” version of iOS 17 is currently being developed for a 14.1-inch iPad and that iPads will get iPhone-style Lock Screen customization. Additionally, they have mentioned vague changes coming to Search, Dynamic Island, Control Center, and other areas of the operating system. They have also made claims about a new watchOS 10 Home Screen style and have stated that in the future, the Apple Watch will be able to pair with numerous devices, including the iPad and the Mac. In addition, they have made claims about a new watchOS 10 Home Screen layout.

It is important to note that Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman does not believe the assertions made by Analyst941 and thinks some material is incorrect. When Apple presents iOS 17, watchOS 10, and other updates during the keynote address for the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5, we will have more information about how accurate Analyst941’s predictions were.

Even though these mockups may or may not be genuine, other rumors that may be trusted imply improvements for the Health and Wallet apps. Gurman has verified that Apple is working on changes to the Wallet app, which he discussed on the MacRumors podcast. He also recently mentioned that Apple is working on new features for the Health app, such as an expansion to the iPad and a tool that tracks moods. He claimed that these new features should be available in the near future.

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