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The new fully self-designed and vetted MetaERP system replaced the old ERP system for planning and managing enterprise information technology and resources, in a strategic plan to meet challenges and adopt alternatives to sanctioned systems and products. In a related context, the people who contributed to The project implementation, which is regarded as one of the most important self-resources, amid the celebration of the new system work group, since the ERP system for enterprise resource planning It is the foremost system which relies on information and communication technology for enterprise management.

The MRP system for manufacturing resource planning was launched in its second version in 1996 and was later developed into the ARP system through several upgrades. Relying on the old version to support operations and its development accelerated over more than 20 years, this system has also helped improve business, operations efficiency, and hundreds of billions of dollars more annually in profits. of 170 countries and regions around the world.

The development of the fully autonomous Meta-ERP system in early 2019 coincides with increasing external pressure on Huawei and a number of challenges related to the systems and products covered by US sanctions. This must be invoked instead of the old ERP system. This project is the largest global transformation that has invested significant resources and assigned thousands of people to implement it over the past three years, working with technical industry and ecosystem partners to overcome the challenges facing the project.

It is worth noting that the new Meta ERP system allows for the full implementation of business scenarios and 80% of its turnover, as well as passing the monthly, quarterly and yearly test system without errors, delays or adjustments in accounting . It also aims to achieve system integration with modern technologies such as cloud computing, data-driven multi-tenant design and real-time intelligence, which has greatly improved the service efficiency and operation quality. It also strives to provide a seamless design with the best possible quality that is efficient and safe without any limitation.

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