Developers still have an open future with Octopath Traveler 3.

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The future of Octopath Traveler is not yet certain, but the developers have had the opportunity to give some hints about any plot deviations in the following chapters. No confirmation or anticipation for which to exalt oneself beyond the necessary, but a small hook to which hopes for years to come would cling.

On the other hand, Octopath Traveler II came out just a month ago on the Nintendo Switch. Of course, the time has not yet come to talk about the third chapter, but in a conversation with Famitsu, director Keisuke Miyauchi said:

We haven’t made any clear decisions about future development yet, but we’ve been talking freely about where the series could go next.

Not much information, but enough to suggest that after an understandable break, the team may return to serious work on Octopath Traveler III. Future evolution could clearly affect both the dynamics of the plot and the mechanics of the gameplay, but these are only speculations mixed with hopes.

In our review of Octopath Traveler II, we wrote that it is “a Japanese level RPG that combines tradition and innovation with a captivating visual style and solid and engaging gameplay. That said, it’s hard to judge the Octopath Traveler II without taking into account a pinch of regret for what could have been. In essence, we are facing an adventure with the same tenor as the previous one, but with the same defects that have been highlighted in the past. The problem of “fragmentation” of the narration of the eight plots that make it up, again practically not intertwined with each other, also arises in this continuation. Some tricks, such as day/night cycles, are certainly appropriate aspects to bring a little bit of innovation to the gameplay of Octopath Traveler II, which, however, does not differ much from the concept of more of the same.

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