Google Loses the Pioneer of Artificial Intelligence: A Warning of Potential Consequences

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“I helped develop a technology that has become dangerous to the world… which is why I distanced myself from working in its giant.” on Monday his decision to leave his job at Google after years of successful cooperation with each other. .

This announcement came as a surprise in the tech world, especially since Hinton’s work on neural networks was primarily in artificial intelligence systems running many contemporary technical products.

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Still, the man announced he quit his job at Google last week to speak publicly about the “risks” of the technology he helped develop.

Hinton, through his part-time job at the tech giant for a decade, contributed to Google’s AI development efforts, but has since had concerns about this technology and its role in its development, according to the American New York Times.

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“I console myself with the familiar apology: If I didn’t do it, someone else would,” Hinton said, attributing his departure to his desire to speak freely about the dangers of AI, not to criticize the company. , he said in a tweet on Monday.

In turn, the company’s chief scientist, Jeff Dean, commented on Hinton’s decision, saying, “He has made major advances in artificial intelligence,” appreciating “a decade of contributions to Google.”

He also declared his commitment to a responsible approach to AI, stating, “We are constantly learning to understand emerging risks as we boldly innovate.”

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Interestingly, Hinton’s decision to disclose his AI concerns came at a time when a growing number of lawmakers and groups have issued warnings that a new group of chatbots could spread false information and purge large numbers of of jobs.

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Also, Hinton isn’t the first Google employee to warn of the dangers of AI: Last July, the company fired an engineer who claimed an undetected intelligence system had become conscious.

While many in this technical field have steadfastly refused to confirm what the engineer said.

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