It’s Not a Pay-To-Win System At COD DMZ’s Building 21, This Is A Bug

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The DMZ mode for Call of Duty was released in November 2022 alongside Warzone 2.0, and it was a reasonably successful addition to the game. It is Activision’s attempt at developing a game based on the genre of extraction shooters, and for the most part, it succeeds fairly admirably. Building 21, a difficult region of the DMZ has been locked down recently. A notification was sent to a user informing them that to access Building 21, and they needed to possess the game Modern Warfare 2.

It's Not a Pay-To-Win System At COD DMZ's Building 21, This Is A Bu g_

Building 21 is an essential part of DMZ, an essential part of the Warzone 2.0 ecosystem, allowing players to participate in the game for free. This presents a significant challenge. Therefore, there would be a significant problem in the community if it were suddenly placed behind a paywall, preventing players who needed to pay the necessary funds from accessing high-tier equipment and challenges.

The ‘pay to win bundles’ launched into the in-game store have recently been the target of criticism directed at the Call of Duty ecosystem. After purchasing one of these limited edition bundles, players will be granted access to special bonuses for Warzone 2.0’s DMZ. These bonuses include, among other things, a UAV that is theirs permanently and is always ready to go.

And naturally, it was content that could not be accessed in any other way than by shelling out cold, hard cash.

On Twitter, one individual shared an image allegedly derived from email exchanges between themselves and Activision’s Player Support channel. It was mentioned in this exchange of information that:

You need to have Modern Warfare 2 in your possession before you can enter Building 21. In such a case, the only DMZ accessible to you is the standard.

That was enough to drive some fans completely insane, but Activision and Company responded quickly to the issue on the Trello development board for the team. On the board, it was explained that Infinity Ward is “aware of an issue” which prevents some Warzone players from accessing Building 21 in DMZ when they encounter a missing DLC pack message.

It's Not a Pay-To-Win System At COD DMZ's Building 21, This Is A Bug_

Despite this, there is no mention of the barrier that Activision Player Support insists is out there.

Let’s sit back, relax, and see how long it takes for Building 21 to get back up and running, shall we?

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