Capcom Sets High Expectations: Aiming to Sell 10 Million Units of Street Fighter 6

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Capcom seems to think that Street Fighter 6 will sell much better than its original, since the company wants to sell 10 million copies of the new fighting game.

Street Fighter 6

Haruhiro Tsujimoto, the head of Capcom, told Famitsu that Street Fighter 6 should sell as well as other Capcom franchises. Here’s how the question and answer read in another language, as translated by DeepL:

Q: I am deeply impressed that Capcom, which established the fighting game genre, is once again making efforts to lower the barrier to entry and broaden the scope of this genre. On the other hand, wasn’t the effort and expense involved considerable?

A: For us, the “Street Fighter” series is our signature title, so we had no hesitation in making the investment. In recent years, the “Resident Evil” series has recorded sales of 10 million units, and the “Monster Hunter” series now has a title that is aiming for 20 million units. The “SFV” series has also sold over 7 million units, so I thought that if I could apply the rules of thumb from the digital side to this series, I could aim for 10 million units in my next title. If that was the case, we decided to do everything we couldn’t do before with “SF6,” and here we are today.

Our data analysis department is keeping a close eye on user trends, and we are also working hard to expand the scope of the e-sports genre, something we did not do enough of with “SFV”

For comparison, Tekken 7, which came out in 2015 and is also a very famous fighting game, sold 10 million copies last December. Given that it took over 7 years to sell 10 million copies, Tsujimoto seems sure that Street Fighter 6 will do well. It’s also important to point out that Tsujimoto included internet sales in the 10 million number.

Source: Famitsu

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