Emotional Story Adventure ‘Fall of Porcupine’ Set to Release in June

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Along with a new trailer, Assemble Entertainment has a release date for it Trap of Porcupine announced. All information can be found in the press release:

It’s finally here Colognebased development studio Critical Rabbit and indie publisher Assemble Entertainment have announced the early summer release date Trap of Porcupine known. On June 15, the heartbreaking story adventure about young resident Finley will be released on Steam, GOG, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 4/5. Trap of Porcupine stars with heartwarming characters and an emotional story that does not shy away from themes of mourning, death and fate. Finley’s adventure takes place in a beautifully illustrated world in the quaint town of Porcupine, which can be seen in the brand new trailer.

Since its announcement, more than 150,000 people have played the Last Days of Summer prologue. The prologue is still available for free on all platforms and takes place just before the events of the main game.

That Trap of Porcupine You can clearly feel that for the young indie studio, Critical Rabbit is not only their debut work, but also a project that is absolutely close to their hearts. The ingame stories are based on more than 20 interviews with people in the medical field. This creates authentic stories in the game and makes players aware of problems in the health system. This gives people who work in healthcare the opportunity to do so Trap of Porcupine FREE to get. Employees of hospitals, medical practices, medical care institutions and related healthcare institutions can apply for accreditation via healthcare@porcupine.game.

In addition, tonight marks the start of LudoNarraCon, a digital event celebrating storybased indie games. Until May 8, users can enjoy exclusive content, play new demos, and browse a curated selection of outstanding story games. Hundreds of entries were next Trap of Porcupine also collectibles road watchman And gap nominated. There will be exclusive live streams on the Steam Event page at the start of the event at 7pm today Trap of Porcupine And Road watchman to give. The event is presented by the Fellow Traveler publishing house.

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