Apple and Google Collaborate to Combat AirTag Stalking

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Several major technology companies have recently joined forces to establish a universal Bluetooth tracking device standard that works with both iOS and Android operating systems. These tracking devices, such as Apple’s AirTags, have proven to be highly effective in locating lost items like bags, keys, and even stolen cars. However, there are concerns about how these trackers could potentially be misused for surveillance and tracking of individuals, which is why Apple has taken steps to address these concerns.

Apple and Google Collaborate to Combat AirTag Stalking

To this end, Apple has integrated software features into its products that alert iPhone users when an unknown AirTag is detected traveling with them. Additionally, Apple created an Android app that allows users to search for nearby AirTags, although Android users must initiate the scanning process manually.

On Tuesday, both Apple and Google announced that they are collaborating to develop a new Bluetooth standard for trackers that will enable unwanted trackers to alert nearby iOS and Android devices. This is a significant step forward in addressing the concerns that have been raised about the misuse of these tracking devices. There is also speculation that Google may unveil a similar product to Apple’s AirTag at the upcoming Google I/O event.

It’s worth noting that Samsung and several other tech companies also offer Bluetooth tracking products. With the development of this new Bluetooth standard, these products are expected to become even more widely used and accepted as a convenient way to keep track of important items.

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