Evil Dead Rise has Now Become The Highest-Grossing Film in The Franchise’s History

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Evil Dead Rise is the installment in the Evil Dead series that has brought in the most revenue. According to Collider, the movie is projected to conclude the weekend with an additional $5.6 million garnered at the domestic box office, bringing the total to approximately $54 million. Considering revenue from ticket sales in other countries takes the global total to more than $100 million. This achievement also places Evil Dead Rise in the position of having the highest-grossing franchise installment. The previous record, held by the reboot in 2013, was $97 million. The fact that Evil Dead Rise is raking in massive earnings despite having a budget of less than $20 million justifies the decision to broadcast the film only in theaters rather than making it available for streaming on HBO Max.

Evil Dead Rise has Now Become The Highest-Grossing Film in The Franchise's History_

The original Evil Dead films are now considered cult classics, and they have continued to produce a significant amount of money through the sale of home video releases and other memorabilia. The first Evil Dead film was released in 1981 and made approximately $29 million at the box office globally. The sequel, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, was released in 1987 and made just under $6 million. Army of Darkness, the third film in the series, was released in 1992 and made approximately $21.5 million in revenue worldwide. The revival in 2013 grossed slightly over $54 million in the United States, contributing to its overall total of $97 million. This coming weekend, Evil Dead Rise will also be able to surpass that amount.

The movie has garnered, for the most part, positive reviews from both critics and audiences. It has a 77% audience score, which is quite close behind its certified fresh grade of 84%, which is always a plus, given how critics all too often loathe horror flicks. The marks are significantly better than those Evil Dead (2013) received, with an approval rating of 63% and an audience score of 64%. The ratings for the first picture are currently at 85%, while Evil Dead 2 has reached 88% and 89%, and Army of Darkness has received ratings of 69% and 87%.

Evil Dead Rise was given the go-ahead to be released initially as a streaming service on HBO Max. However, a new approach was formulated and implemented following highly favorable responses to the film during test shows. Given its positive reception from previews, executive producer Bruce Campbell indicated that it might have been released in theaters the previous year. This prediction ended up being right on the money.

Evil Dead Rise has Now Become The Highest-Grossing Film in The Franchise's Histor y_

“We just finished a preview, and it went… well…” That received extremely high ratings,” Campbell stated in an interview with JoBlo. “There was a chance they would stream it on HBO Max, but it may go straight to theaters. Perhaps in the cooler months.”

Although there is no Ash to be seen in the movie because the story is centered on new heroes, Campbell does make a cameo appearance as a special guest star. The action of movie takes place in a tall apartment building, where two sisters who have been estranged from one another get back together and strive to defend their family from the Deadites who are attacking the building. The screenplay was written and directed by Lee Cronin. Lily Sullivan, Alyssa Sutherland, Morgan Davies, Gabrielle Echols, and Nell Fisher are among the actresses who appear in it.

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