Twitter Claims That a “Security Incident” Resulted in Private Tweets From Circles Being Made Public

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Individuals discovered a flaw in Twitter’s Circle feature in April, which caused the platform to display private tweets to individuals who were not following the user. After waiting close to a month, the corporation finally provided a statement regarding the matter. An email sent by Twitter to impacted users explained that the vulnerability resulted from “a security incident that occurred earlier this year.” The Guardian viewed this email.

Twitter Claims That a Security Incident Resulted in Private Tweets From Circles Being Made Pub lic_

According to the company, the problem was “immediately fixed.” Additionally, an apology was extended. “We understand the risks that an incident like this can introduce, and we deeply regret that this happened,” the firm said in a statement. “Twitter is committed to protecting the privacy of the people who use our service,” the statement continued. When reports of the exposure initially began to circulate online, several people, including the person who created the app, Theo Brown, hypothesized that the problem was caused by Twitter’s failure to filter tweets from Circle out of its recommendation algorithm. Twitter has never had a communications department since Elon Musk carried out the first round of layoffs. The corporation, at first, did not accept that there was a problem.

Twitter Claims That a Security Incident Resulted in Private Tweets From Circles Being Made Public_

Since Musk’s acquisition of the company in October, Twitter has generally been plagued by many technological troubles. The company’s employment has been cut by at least sixty percent. The billionaire’s actions have eliminated many of its technical teams and senior leadership positions. During that period, Twitter had repeated outages. In other ways, it has confused the launch of new features and the removal of older ones.

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