WhatsApp Latest Update Enhances User Experience with Improved Interface Design

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Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, has made many changes to its macOS app. These changes are now available to all users with the most recent app version.

WaBetaInfo says that the instant chat app is changing the tint color to green to improve the user interface.

Everyone who takes one of the most recent updates of WhatsApp beta for macOS can get the new update, called “green tint color.”

Last month, WhatsApp changed the sidebar, improving the user experience for macOS. It keeps making changes to improve the user experience. Most recently, it removed the app’s title bar in favor of a bigger header. Many icons have also been changed.

The most recent change is that the tint color has been changed to green to match the application’s new primary color.

The app-tracking website said, “In particular, all the buttons and interface elements that are blue on iOS are now green on macOS.” Users like this new change to the app because the green color is “another way to set it apart from the iOS app.”

In the coming months, there will be more changes and updates to the apps that come with macOS.

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