The Rankings of Every Hashira in Demon Slayer Anime Depending on Their Speed

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In the game Demon Slayer, the Hashira are the members of the Demon Slayer Corps that are regarded as strong. They can execute intricate Breathing Techniques. They are thought to be capable of defeating most demons, except for Muzan Kibutsuji. However, despite their formidable strength, the Hashira were never truly invincible. Their numbers have fluctuated throughout the series, with several Hashira succumbing to death or being eliminated at various points. This page will provide you with a list of all of the Hashira ranked according to how fast they were in the narrative of Demon Slayer.

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The five Hashira in the Demon Slayer series will be on the list, which is the fastest. Each one will be ranked depending on how fast they are in the series, with the ninth place being the slowest and the first place being the fastest. To understand why they were ranked the way they were, we will tell you a little about them, their powers, and their skills. The information was compiled using the Kimetsu no Yaiba Official Fanbook 2, considered an official source. As a result, this is not simply an ordinary list; rather, it is an official rating.

    1. Tengen Uzui

      The colorful Tengen Uzui is, without a shadow of a doubt, the Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps who possesses the rawest speed. His approach to sound breathing is derived from thunder breathing, one of the kinds of breathing that is the quickest.He could run at a pace that allowed him to keep up with Daki effortlessly. In addition, when he initially severed her head, he did it with such lightning speed that she didn’t know what had happened until her head landed in her hands.

      Tengen Uzui is more of a strategist than a swordsman because he was a Shinobi before he became a demon slayer. Despite their differences, he was able to dominate Gyutaro with the use of his speed, which ultimately led to Tanjiro beheading him.

    2. Sanemi Shinazugawa

      He is Genya’s older brother and the current Wind Hashira. He possesses a vicious and ruthless mentality, and his body is scarred. Tanjir impresses the Pillars by standing up to him to protect his sister Nezuko, who is the most overtly unfriendly towards the Kamado siblings. In addition to his forceful and unyielding personality and outbursts, he carries the same weight as the others when making judgments. Additionally, he can demonstrate regard and respect for another person, namely the group leader, Ubuyashiki.

      The reflexes and speed of Sanemi are second to none. He has the position of second-fastest runner among the Hashira. During the portion of Hashira’s training that involved Sanemi and Tanjiro debating Genya, Sanemi moved with such lightning-fast speed that it gave the impression that he had teleported to some. During a subsequent duel, Sanemi displayed a speed comparable to that of Giyu. When confronted with foes comparable to lower-level demons, Sanemi could slice her opponent into pieces while remaining sitting. In the fight against Kokushibo, Sanemi displayed her superior speed, which allowed her to match the demon’s strategies. At the same time, Muichiro was quickly vanquished despite being tagged. Sanemi was able to do this even though Muichiro had been tagged. When Sanemi’s Demon Slayer mark came to life, he could engage in combat with Kokushibo and even momentarily dominate him.

    3. Gyōmei Himejima

      There are a lot of admirers who are taken aback when they see Gyomei in third place. Despite this, he is the third-fastest Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps regarding running. Fans frequently believe he is more of a power-oriented Hashira because of his towering stature, impressive physique, and gigantic size.

      Because of his unique breathing technique, he possesses sufficient strength and speed to take on a higher-ranked demon by himself. The fact that he is blind is of no concern to him, which makes him an even more fearsome adversary for the demons.

      Even the high-ranking demon Kokushibo acknowledged his prowess and speed as superior to his own.

    4. Shinobu Kochō

      She is the current Insect Hashira, replacing her older sister, who was also a previous Hashira and passed away. Along with her successor, Kanao Tsuyuri, and her colleague, Giy Tomioka, she was dispatched to Mount Natagumo to provide reinforcements. Regardless of the circumstances she finds herself in, and she can always have a level head and a cheerful expression. She enjoys playing pranks on others and strongly desires harmonious relations between humans and demons. Despite this remark, she has shown no regret for the fact that she has killed demons in cold blood and does not hesitate to do so. She initially feels sorry for Nezuko because of her transformation into a monster. Then she offers to end Nezuko’s suffering by poisoning her. After listening to the Kamado children’s narrative, she demonstrated compassion for them.

      Shinobu is demonstrated to be exceedingly swift, matching Giy’s speed even though she is both a pillar and a demon hunter. When she competed against Doma, who acknowledged that she was the fastest prop she had ever competed against, it was clear that she possessed great speed.

    5. Kyōjurō Rengoku

      Rengoku Kyojuro is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished demon slayers. Even though fans could not enjoy his company for an extended period, the time they did have with him was more than sufficient to make him one of the most treasured Hashiras.

      Because of how he breathed, he vastly improved his physical speed, even surpassing the slasher demon in this regard. In addition, after the Mugen train derailed, he single-handedly rescued all passengers aboard the train.

      Demons are known for their incredible power and speed, and Akaza is no exception. Rengoku, on the other hand, was virtually capable of competing against him on his own. In the beginning, he was taking it easy on Rengoku, but later on, he unleashed some of his most powerful attacks to kill him.

      Rengoku was a very quick Hashira since he could keep up with Akaza for a long time. During the fight, he moved so quickly that Tanjiro could not keep up with him and track his every move.

      Because of how rapid his “Esoteric Art” was, it caught Akaza off guard, and Rengoku came dangerously close to decapitating him.

    6. Giyū Tomioka

      Soon after Nezuko Kamado’s transformation into a demon, Tanjir, and Nezuko Kamado come face to face with the first Demon Slayer they have ever encountered: Giy. In the beginning, he attempted to eliminate her because of this. Still, in the end, he decided to spare her after witnessing his brother’s persistence in standing up to him to save her even though he was obviously in a superior position and also because she, as a Demon, stood up to protect her unconscious older rather than attacking him. Before hastily fleeing, he advises the younger guy, telling him to pay his master, Sakonji Urokodaki, a visit. He currently holds the position of Water Hashira.

      Giyu walked quickly and with many different steps. At times, he could hide his presence from both humans and demons. This was demonstrated on several occasions, such as when he snatched Nezuko Kamado from his brother’s arms, grabbed Inosuke Hashibira before the latter realized what had happened, or instantaneously removed Rui’s head from the Lower Moon Five.

    7. Obanai Iguro

      Even though he was partially blind, Obanai Iguro was able to become a Hashira. He devised his method of breathing, which he called “Serpent Breathing,” to help him work around his condition.

      Because of his match with Muzan, many of his supporters believe he is faster than many of his contemporaries. Even though he was completely blind, he could still stand his ground against the Demon King. If Obanai had been blessed with flawless vision, he would have been an even more formidable opponent.

      His method emphasizes winding and bending the blade like a serpent to achieve the desired effect. His attacks are indirect and move in a curving pattern, making them susceptible to hitting in any direction. This makes it more difficult for his adversaries to anticipate his moves.

    8. Muichiro Tokito

      In the series, Muichiro Tokito is now playing the role of Mist Hashira. It took him only two months after his first experience handling a blade to become a Hashira, making him the group’s youngest member. He is a genius. He rarely displays any form of facial expression and has a very limited interest in the company of others. He is equally disinterested in the things around him. He is easily distracted and seems to have his head in the clouds even when his peers are engaged in fierce disputes. However, when he wants to or when the circumstance calls for it, he exhibits responsiveness beyond that of a human. Even though he was amnestic, he recovered his memories when engaged in combat with Gyokko, the Upper Fifth Moon. He is a descendant of Kokushibo and loses his life in battle when battling him.

      For a Hashira, Muichiro possessed astonishing speed, as evidenced by his ability to assail demons with a barrage of attacks and move at speeds comparable to teleportation. Because of his superior speed, he could outrun Tanjir Kamado’s reflexes quickly. During the fight against Gyokko, Muichiro’s already incredible speed and reflexes were dramatically elevated to superhuman levels. He could slash through an unbelievable ten thousand slime fish in a single second and even send them flying before their blood touched him. He’s on the same level as Gyokko, who could teleport and successfully behead the demon before it had a chance to react. In addition, Muichiro exhibited astounding control over the pace of his motions.

    9. Mitsuri Kanroji

      Because of Kyojuro Rengoku’s training, Mitsuri Kanroji is considered one of the most skilled Hashira. Additionally, she is the only disciple of his who completed her training. Nobody else who was enrolled in his class could do what he did.

      Her Love Breathing method is a modification of the Flame Breathing technique. Because of the unique makeup of her body, Mitsuri possesses muscles that are eight times denser than those of a typical human. During a fight, she uses her physical prowess and one-of-a-kind fighting style to her advantage.

      When compared to her contemporaries, she has a slow running speed. Mitsuri, on the other hand, wields a unique sword resembling a whip, which gives her the ability to execute attacks over a broad range. During the Swordsmith Village storyline, it was first demonstrated to the audience.

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