When Will the Fifth Episode of Anime Series Oshi no Ko be Available, And at What Time?

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The fourth episode of Oshi no Ko was just recently made available. The following information includes details on when and where episode 5 will be available. After the conclusion of episode 4, both the drama and the plot of the series are moving forward in an ever-further direction, and there is plenty of potential for that to continue with its further advancements.

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When will the fifth episode of Oshi No Ko be available?

As with the episodes before, Oshi no Ko is only available on HIDIVE, which may be subscribed to on its own or as part of an Amazon Prime membership. In Japan, Episode 5 will be broadcast on the evening of May 10 at 11 PM local time (JST). This indicates that it will be broadcast simultaneously in the Western Hemisphere at 8 AM PST and 11 AM EST; subscribers to HIDIVE should have access to episode 5 as soon as it becomes available online.

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What Did You Miss From the Fourth Episode of Oshi No Ko?

Oshi no Ko episode 4, titled “Actors,” picked up where Oshi no Ko episode 3 left off and brought Aqua and Kana’s time with the Sweet Today adaptation to a close. This episode also confirmed that Oshi no Ko and Kaguya-sama occur in the same universe. Kana could perform to the best of her abilities because Aqua gave everything he had, and she was moved to the point where she fell in love with Aqua due to his deeds. Later, Aqua met with Kaburagi again. Aqua convinced Kaburagi to tell him about Ai’s meetings with the man who could be his father if Aqua promised to star in a reality dating show. This was done even though it was established that Kaburagi is not Ai’s biological father.

After that, Aqua and Ruby enroll in Youtou High School and finally begin their high school careers. Ruby is disregarded by one of her idols due to the fact that she does not have a job, in contrast to Aqua, who is recognized for his appearances on Sweet Today. Ruby harasses Miyako into creating the idol group that Ruby had promised her. The fact remains, however, that this is a complex task because free talent is scarce. Aqua, on the other hand, recommends that they sign Kana to the band since not only is Kana already famous but also because she rarely works, which means that she is available to be a part of the group.

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Although the plot of Oshi no Ko episode 5 has not yet been revealed, one thing about the episode is already known: it will bring Ruby back into the limelight. Even though both Aqua and Ruby are intended to play a central role in the story, the most recent episodes have greatly emphasized Aqua more than Ruby, and Ruby has essentially been relegated to the background. The topic of Ruby’s career as an idol will be explored in Episode 5. On the other hand, this should act as a way to finally allow Ruby to be the show’s primary focus again.

The decision to emphasize Ruby’s persona will also result in a clearer comprehension of the function that Ruby is intended to play in the narrative. Aqua’s plan for vengeance is essentially unrelated to Ruby’s story. Because she will be the subject of an episode, there is a good probability that the show will decide whether or not she will become engaged in the plot at some point or remain detached from it to act as a counterpoint to Aqua’s character. In any event, whatever the circumstances are, the fifth episode of Oshi no Ko should clarify all of that and more.

On May 10, HIDIVE will begin streaming the fifth Oshi no Ko anime series episode.

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