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Twitter CEO Elon Musk revealed details of new features, including the ability to make calls and exchange encrypted messages on the platform. Last year, Musk announced his plans to launch “Twitter 2.0, the application of everything” , which would have provided features such as encrypted direct messages and lengthy tweets, and payment services. And on Tuesday, Musk tweeted on Twitter: “Soon, voice and video chats will be available from your (Twitter) account with anyone on this platform, and then you’ll be able to talk to people anywhere without giving them your telephone number. .”

Twitter’s communications feature will put the microblogging platform on par with Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram applications that provide the same functionality. Musk said a version of the encrypted direct messaging feature will be available on Twitter starting Wednesday. But he didn’t say whether the calls would also be encrypted or not. Twitter said this week that it will begin a purge to purge or archive accounts that have been inactive for years.

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