GapMaps introduces GapMaps Connect to cater to Saudi Arabia’s customer needs

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GapMaps, the leading provider of location and information services available in 23 countries worldwide, has launched the GapMaps Connect service in the UK. This new feature enables GapMaps Live customers across various industries, including fast food chains, cafes and sports centres, to gather critical field information from in and around their outlets via a mobile application. This data includes location properties, images, text files and other files which can be updated in GapMaps Live in real-time. For example, quick service restaurants may check the clarity of their outdoor dashboards, whether sufficient parking is available, or the need to provide additional drive-thru lanes. In addition, GapMaps Connect allows brands to easily gather information about the assets and resources used in their branches and record critical details such as age, make, model and serial numbers of tools to know when to perform upgrades or maintenance.

Anthony Villante, founder and chief executive officer of GapMaps, said, “One of the biggest challenges our networked customers face is the difficulty in obtaining accurate information about their assets and assets, including the condition of tools and if need maintenance.These customers also require field information from outlets to identify features they may be missing.For example, fast food chains need to know the number of self-service units available in each of their branches, the locations of dashboards and the status of the units and how to organize seating and the number of parking spaces available.

“The GapMaps Connect service allows network planning teams to record diverse knowledge of the places they visit, including the locations of existing stores or branches and locations for potential future expansion and development,” added Villante. The launch of the GapMaps mobile app Connect has been part of We have strived to provide the best, most convenient and smoothest services for our more than 500 customers across various industries, all with stores and branches in multiple locations. The new service allows customers to collect a wide range of essential information and contributes to the enhancement and development of the “GapMaps Live” platform. .

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