Scientists reveal a method to detect fire before flames become visible.

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Russian scientists have devised a program to detect fire hot spots before flames appear, by installing gases in the atmospheric air.

Scientists from Tomsk University of Technology are working on a new way to detect fires, based on neural network processing of data from different sensors. According to the scientists, the proposed method will significantly reduce fire response times and improve the efficiency of fire systems.

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The innovators also published the results of their work in the Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics and in the Fire Safety Journal, according to which this program will prevent its development in fires in offices, shopping malls, residential buildings and warehouses.

800 trials

The research team conducted more than 800 experiments on a special unit to analyze the complete combustion process of natural wood, compressed wood, linoleum and other combustible building and finishing materials.

For her part, researcher Svetlana Kropotova from the university says: ‘Pyrolysis and combustion of any material is characterized by certain concentrations of the resulting gases. We determined the concentration of components of a gas mixture from materials at temperatures corresponding to their ignition point, average combustion temperature and typical ignition temperature”.

According to the researchers, based on the concentration of gases, it is possible to determine the type of kindling fire and the predominant materials it contains. Knowing these indicators allows you to define an ideal fire extinguishing strategy.

the right choice

Alina Zhdanova, assistant professor at the university, says: “Within the framework of this project we are studying the effectiveness of fire extinguishing fluids, different ways of using them and additives that must be used to extinguish this or that substance.”

According to scientists, the correct choice of fire extinguishing method reduces the emission of toxic gases into the air, which makes the evacuation of people safer.

It should be noted that the devices currently used operate after the fire has spread. But according to the researchers, it is important for these devices to work before the flame appears, based on the analysis of the gas composition in the air.

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