Travelers in the Kingdom can now receive responses from ChatGPT’s AI technology for the first time

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Saudi tourism is preparing for a new experience, the first of its kind, as it is based on artificial intelligence. Respond to traveler questions by integrating ChatGPT technology with select mobile travel booking platforms; Create sophisticated text responses in the form of a conversation between two parties using modern technologies. The integration technology of “GPT Chat” with travel platforms aims to enhance the booking experience by providing smarter responses designed to respond to customers’ inquiries” Al mosafer”, as the trial period represents the beginning of a new phase, enhances its ability to provide customers with travel experiences that exceed their expectations.

During the pilot phase, the services of the integrated platform will be offered to a limited segment of Al mosafer customers. To book their trips and plan to enjoy the destinations they visit after booking their trips. The platform will test a voice search function powered by ChatGPT technology, which will allow customers to search for the best flight options in both English and Arabic by voice recording their flight search requests. In it, Khalid, the brand’s virtual travel consultant, will be enabled by integrating ChatGPT features, thereby enhancing its responses to customer searches, as well as providing more insight into the destinations customers choose after booking.

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