WhatsApp Addresses Musk’s Claims of User Eavesdropping

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“WhatsApp” denied eavesdropping on its users, stressing that users have full control over the microphone settings on their phones and that once permission is granted, “WhatsApp” accesses the microphone only when the user makes a call or record an audio or video message. However, these communications are protected by full encryption so that no one, not even WhatsApp itself, can listen to them. » To research the problem and treat it.

The company’s denial came after American billionaire and ‘Twitter’ owner Elon Musk attacked the instant messaging application ‘WhatsApp’, believing that the application cannot be trusted, as he claimed, in his tweet to him, which he posted on “Twitter “.

Musk’s tweet came in response to another tweet posted by Twitter engineer Fouad Dabiri in which he indicated that the WhatsApp application was using his phone’s microphone in the background while he slept.

The ‘Twitter’ engineer attached an image of his Android phone’s settings to his tweet, showing that WhatsApp used the microphone at different times. The engineer added that the image was part of a longer timeline and asked what was going on with the application.

Musk continued in another tweet, in which he said that the founders of the “WhatsApp” application had left the company after the “Meta” company acquired it to protest the changes following the acquisition, and conducted a campaign to urge users to delete ‘Facebook’ from their devices, and they also helped develop a safer alternative to ‘WhatsApp’, which is the instant messaging application ‘Signal’.

It is worth noting that some users have also reported that they are facing a similar problem with their devices as shown by their comments on the previously mentioned tweets.

For its part, “Google” has not yet responded to anything on the matter, except that the balance is more inclined to the justifications mentioned by “WhatsApp”, given that the application provides full encryption functionality and microphone access settings they can be controlled by the Android system as well as the iPhone, and it is extremely difficult for the app to access the microphone without permission or warning the user.

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