Speculated Insights and Potential Title for Resident Evil 9: The Apocalypse Explored in Live Stream

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The announcement of Resident Evil 9 may be closer than expected, or at least that’s what one can infer from the new wave of information about the video game that has surfaced on Twitter. These are absolutely unverified rumors, but there are many details and they are such that they kindle many hopes that they may correspond to the truth.

To begin with, the title of the new Resident Evil should be “Apocalypse”, written in such a way as to again contain the Roman numeral IX, as in previous chapters. The game will be the last to feature Chris Redfield, but he won’t die. We should also find Jill Valentine with a role similar to that of Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4, but we won’t see Leon, Ada, Rebecca Chambers and Barry Burton.

Resident Evil 9 will be single player only, no co-op. The story will revolve around Chris Redfield being sent to Europe after the events of Resident Evil Village, and there will be no mention of the Winters or their fate.

Also, according to rumors, Resident Evil 9 has been in development for a couple of years now and will use assets taken from both Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4 Remake. The enemies will be mythological creatures, perhaps wendig-like, but there will be a scientific explanation for everything. Zombies will also return in some form.

Finally, the setting includes the presence of another castle. The series of rumors ends with the announcement of an official announcement for October or November.

While waiting to learn more, let’s remember that Capcom is back after a year of record sales.

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