The Release Dates for The Digital and Blu-Ray Versions of ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ have Been Announced

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The release date for the home media debut of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves has been determined. This means you will soon be able to bring the adventure into your house. On May 2, consumers who subscribe to premium on-demand services will be able to acquire the adaptation of the popular role-playing game, while the release of the physical media will take place on May 30. The widely played role-playing game was adapted into a movie by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, who also served as directors. In the game, a weird gang of outcasts is tasked with banding together to save the planet from the forces of evil. The heist comedy is nearly breaking the $200 million barrier at the box offices worldwide.

The Release Dates for The Digital and Blu-Ray Versions of Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves have Been Announced_

In this fantastical adventure starring Chris Pine, the protagonist, Edgin Darvis, has a history of serving as a peacekeeper for the world seen on screen. Despite this, he went on to make some intriguing decisions in his life, one of which was to become a robber. In full contempt for the life he leads as a member of the Harpers, he steals objects that potentially have worth alongside Holga Kilgore, played by Michelle Rodriguez. Unfortunately, the two are apprehended in the midst of their most crucial operation yet, which consists of stealing the Table of Reawakening to bring Edgin’s wife back to life. Edgin has worked as a burglar for a significant amount of time, but this particular instance stumps him.

The two would remain incarcerated for two years during this time, during which Forge Fitzwilliam, played by Hugh Grant, would continue his relentless pursuit of power at the expense of others. Edgin and Holga run away when it is decided that they will be put to death because they are eager to make amends for their actions. They do so with Simon Anuar (Justice Smith) by their side. In the process, they acquire new artifacts to use in their fight against the forces of evil while also transforming their perspective of the world around them. Edgin realizes there are more productive ways to spend his time than robbing people.

The Release Dates for The Digital and Blu-Ray Versions of Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves have Been Announce d_

Fans who buy the movie in digital format will gain access to more than an hour’s worth of exciting supplementary content that delves even further into the world depicted in the film. Explore the behind-the-scenes production of the movie and watch interviews with the actors of the adaption, which includes Regé-Jean Page. Investigate the world’s inhabitants and its various magical beasts, battle scenes, and special effects. In addition, you will be able to laugh along with a gag reel and view deleted and extended moments that were not included in the original release. Everyone will find at least one thing in the content catalog that describes the adaptation’s creation process that they find enjoyable.

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