Did Musk Tie the Knot with Catanella, the Robot? His Photo Sparks a Buzz

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Social networking sites, especially Facebook, were teeming with images of Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk dancing with the Catanella robot, drawn in the shape of a woman.

And a number of social media pioneers said that the famous billionaire announced his future wife, Catanella, who is the first robotic girl that he specially manufactured and designed with artificial intelligence, with the personality and characteristics of the woman he dreams of, which do not exist in every normal person.

Others have claimed that Catanella is solar-powered, equipped with sensory devices that make her feel sad, happy, poised, and interactive.

And looking for the veracity of the photos, it was found that the subject of Elon Musk’s wedding with the robot girl has no evidence or basis, and the photos he collects are only images designed by artificial intelligence “AI” technology.

Many differences

Examining the images, many differences and anomalies appear, including the difference in the robot’s hair color and feature from one image to another, and the gazes of Elon Musk and the robot are erratic and not directed in their natural direction.

Musk also appears in one of the fabricated images with a huge belly and flabby body, unlike his current form, and reappears in another of the fabricated images with a slim figure and no physical sagging.

These images spread about Elon Musk are the best evidence of the power of artificial intelligence and its rapid development, as a large number of social media users believe these images.

Optimus, not Catanella

The publishers of the fabricated images are based on Musk’s October 2022 announcement of a prototype humanoid Tesla robot, but this model was named “Optimus” and not “Catanella.”

Also, this model was expected to be completed within three to five years, and it was only seven months after the initial prototype, and Musk said at the time, “I think Optimus is going to be amazing within five to 10 years.”

Neither Musk nor Tesla has announced any such progress in the plan to produce the new robot, and these fabricated images have not appeared on any of Musk’s or his company’s official accounts.

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