Samsung CEO in Talks with Elon Musk about Chip Production

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Samsung Electronics said its chairman Lee Jae-yong met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier this week, referring to a “potential partnership” between the world’s top chipmaker and electric car giant Tesla. .

Lee held the meeting with Musk at Samsung’s Semiconductor Research Center in Silicon Valley, California, and it was the first time the two have had a private meeting, though they have met at other events, according to the agency. which was released on Sunday. and Al reviewed it.

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Industry sources said Samsung and Tesla are seeking partnerships to develop next-generation IT technologies, including chips for self-driving cars.

Industry observers said the recent meeting could pave the way for the two companies to expand their partnership in the automotive chip sectors, as the global automotive chip market is projected to reach $400 billion in 2024 and reach 700 billion dollars in 2028.

This isn’t the Samsung boss’s only meeting during his US tour, as he has held a number of meetings with other business leaders, including the Microsoft CEO and the Google boss, according to the source.

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