There Is a Chance That Zelda Will Have Her Very Own Adventure

The video game The Legend of Zelda was first released in the 1980s. It has reached the point where it is a flagship title for Nintendo. Every time a new game in the series is launched, millions of copies are sold without any difficulty. It has been played on twelve systems, ranging from ancient handhelds to Nintendo’s most cutting-edge gear. However, Zelda, the series’ main character, has never before been allowed to shine in the spotlight.

There Is a Chance That Zelda Will Have Her Very Own Adventure_

That may be about to change, at least according to Eiji Aonuma, who has been working on the Zelda franchise since the late eighties and is the series producer. He got down with Vanity Fair to deliver an interview. He uncovered some intriguing clues regarding the prospective future of The Legend of Zelda and how it may become The Legend of Zelda.

Will She Eventually Be the Star of the Show?

Shigeru Miyamoto, a prominent figure at Nintendo, is credited with creating Princess Zelda in 1986. Since that time, she has existed in at least some form. She has appeared in most of the games in the series. However, a player can only take control of her in Smash Bros. and select sequences of other, smaller games like Spirit Tracks.

Zelda has appeared in various guises across all of the games, with each iteration acquiring a new set of characteristics and capabilities and, ultimately, a new justification for her very existence. Zelda’s role in the most current game, Tears of the Kingdom, requires her to make a tremendous sacrifice that fundamentally alters her playing experience. Despite this, we will keep everything private because the game was released a few days ago!

Eiji Aonuma, a veteran of Nintendo and the producer of the Zelda series, was recently a guest on the Vanity Fair podcast, where he discussed a potential plot twist for the upcoming installments of The Legend of Zelda. He specifically addressed the possibility of Zelda playing the lead role in a future video game and embarking on an adventure on her own:

This concept of the game itself takes precedence above anything else. The particular gameplay that we’re working to bring to life is the kind of thing that would benefit the most from Zelda taking on that role. In that scenario, we should consider going in that particular path instead. We cannot predict the next phase of development for Zelda because we have yet to determine what the next gameplay experience will include.

There Is a Chance That Zelda Will Have Her Very Own Adve nture_

It’s the closest thing we’ve ever gotten to a notion that Zelda could be a playable character, not just a playable character for a few minutes here and there, but a significant one.

Given that Tears of the Kingdom was only released a few days ago – and immediately became the game with the highest rating in the history of OpenCritic – it is difficult to speculate on what the future holds for The Legend of Zelda.

Would you like to play a brand-new game where Zelda is the main character?

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