Cobweb Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

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Every one of us has heard something go bump in the night. Hearing something innocuous when you least expect it can make your heart pounding for many reasons, including our overactive imaginations, communications from restless spirits in the afterlife, or the sound of something tumbling over. This is especially significant for young children. Our vivid imaginations can conjure up pictures of bogeymen, enormous monsters, and other terrible terrors that only exist in our heads. In most cases, all that is required to decrease this worry is a few words of reassurance, but what if it never completely disappears? What if it does turn out to be true?


This question will be terrifyingly answered by the most recent film from Lionsgate, titled Cobweb. When the parents of a young child constantly try to play down the disturbing noises, the boy finds himself split between his vivid imagination and increasing suspicion of his parents. Is it simply nervousness, or is something else also going on? Now all we can do is wait and watch what happens. When it arrives in theaters later in the year, Cobweb will undoubtedly shock audiences because it is a suspense film with an intriguing premise and a notable ensemble. For your perusal and entertainment, until then, we have gathered nearly all of the information we know regarding Cobweb.


  • Lizzy Caplan as Carol
  • Antony Starr as Mark
  • Cleopatra Coleman as Miss Devine
  • Ellen Dubin as The Girl(voice)
  • Woody Norman as Peter
  • Debora Zhecheva as Class Girl
  • Jay Rincon as Principal Miller
  • Luke Busey as Brian(as Luke Samson Busey)
  • Steffanie Sampson as Brian’s Mom(Steffanie Busey)
  • Anton Kottas as Timothy
  • Jesse Vilinsky as The Girl(voice)
  • Aleksandra Dragova as The Girl
  • James Robinson as Ryan
  • Aleksander Asparuhov as Sean
  • Jivko Mihaylov as Kevin

What is the Release Date Cobweb?

The release of the horror film is scheduled for the following Friday, July 21, 2023. It will have a total running time of 88 minutes, equivalent to 1 hour and 28 minutes.


Who is the Director of Cobweb?

Samuel Bodin is the director of the movie ”Cobweb”.¬†Samuel Bodin is a well-known actor who has been in films such as T.A.N.K. (2016), Lazy Company (2013), and Batman: Ashes to Ashes (2009).

What is the Plot of Cobweb?


The following is the storyline summary that Lionsgate has released for the film, “Cobweb”:

“A mysterious tap that never stops plaguing” Peter, age eight, hears a tapping coming from within the wall of his bedroom, which his parent’s claim is all in his imagination. As Peter’s anxiety grows, he begins to suspect that his parents, Lizzie Caplan and Antony Starr, are keeping a dreadful and potentially harmful secret. He begins to question whether or not he can trust them. And in the eyes of a young child, what could be more terrifying than that?

Being “gaslit” by one’s family can be a nerve-wracking experience for various reasons. It doesn’t matter if it’s the collapse of faith in familial authority figures or the hint that something truly dangerous is waiting in the darkness; you won’t know what it’s like unless you’re confronted with it yourself. Because the book is titled “Cobweb,” one’s mind quickly conjures up a picture of a predatory spider or some ridiculous beast lurking beyond Peter’s wall. To our great relief, we shouldn’t have to be concerned about something of the sort. Samuel Brodin, who most recently oversaw the direction of the Netflix horror series Marianne, will helm the upcoming film Cobweb. In light of Brodin’s past performance, we are ready to wager that it will be much more terrifying.

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