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Netflix’s New South Korean Series ‘Black Knight’: A Dystopian Storyline

On May 12, 2022, Netflix released a new South Korean series named ‘Black Knight’ to its catalog. This futuristic series is set in a world where pollution has ravaged the earth, and the survival of humanity depends solely on oxygen deliverers called “dark knights”.

The storyline is a compromise between the universes of ‘Madmax’ and ‘Death Stranding’, where only one multinational corporation has control over the extremely rare resource, oxygen. Most of the inhabitants on the Korean peninsula are deprived of this life-saving element, making oxygen the most sought-after commodity on earth.

‘Black Knight’ is an adaptation of a successful Korean webtoon named ‘Delivery Knight’, released in 2017. The series has proven to be a hit with fans, who were excited to see it adapted for the screen. With a unique storyline and suspenseful twists, ‘Black Knight’ has already gained immense popularity among viewers and critics alike.

South Korean series have been gaining popularity on Netflix for some time now. Shows like ‘Squid Game’, ‘All of Us Are Dead’, ‘Money Heist Korea’, and ‘The Glory’ have captured the attention of viewers worldwide. In light of this trend, Netflix has invested heavily in South Korea, committing over $2.5 billion towards the production of original content in the country over the next four years.

This investment seems to be paying off as ‘Black Knight’ has already taken the second spot in Netflix’s weekly top series chart, with a 90% positive review from viewers. Other South Korean series are also ranking high, such as ‘Queen Charlotte’, proving that viewers are increasingly looking for fresh and unique content.

‘Black Knight’ is not only a dystopian story but also a call to action. The series highlights the consequences of environmental destruction, a theme that is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s world. As the world struggles with climate changes and its far-reaching impact, ‘Black Knight’ brings attention to an issue that is often overlooked.

In conclusion, Netflix’s new series ‘Black Knight’ is an excellent addition to the platform’s inventory of original content. Its captivating storyline coupled with powerful performances by the actors has made it a must-watch series for fans of dystopian themes. As we look forward to more South Korean productions on the platform, one thing is clear: Netflix’s investment in the country is bringing new and fresh content to viewers worldwide.

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