Update 1.05 Patch Notes: Minecraft Legends Fixes Crashes, Boosts Gameplay & Enhances Versus Mode

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The Minecraft Legends update 1.05

The Minecraft Legends update 1.05 patch notes have been revealed by Blackbird Interactive, which comes packing a range of fixes for game crashes, general gameplay, versus, and much more.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the game from being started on Steam due to the “out of data” prompt appearing despite having free space (MCLG-17)
  • Fixed the Carrot Commander Skin Pack not appearing as “owned” in Marketplace when purchasing Deluxe Edition digitally through the PlayStation Store (MCLG-8)
  • Pressing F11 on PC no longer causes the game’s controls to stop working (MCLG-59)
  • Cross-platform play no longer defaults to OFF after signing in or linking a Microsoft account
  • Added the ability to delete content that has been downloaded from Marketplace
  • Item rarity of skins in Marketplace are now shown in item descriptions


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay across all platforms
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a base was upgrading elsewhere and got ticked
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when gathering wood during the tutorial
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when pausing the game at the beginning of the second act
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after leaving a Lost Legend


  • Improved player rubberbanding that could occur when falling from high places and jumping for ledges
  • Fixed flickering white lines that would sometimes appear on screen when playing on PlayStation 5
  • The Fireforged Hero skin’s burning particle effect now appears when seen by other players
  • Inverting controller Y axis no longer inverts Banner View controls
  • Inverting controller Y axis no longer affects mouse camera movement as well

Versus Mode

  • Players can now invite friends to their lobby after selecting “Replay” before the next game begins
  • Improved latency in public matchmaking games in some situations
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused lower than usual amounts of coal and iron to spawn in the world during Versus matches


  • Fixed the Horde of the Spore boss base sometimes not spawning (MCLG-75)
  • Fixed the Horde of the Bastion boss not spawning (MCLG-145)
  • Campaign files that were created with cross-platform play disabled can now be played properly when cross-platform play is enabled
  • Fixed some tufts of Speed Wheat disappearing from the world after saving and loading at the Well of Fate
  • Fixed some bridges at the Night Beacon Base not properly connecting
  • Fixed a village that could not be teleported to from the map
  • Fixed The Beast despawning if the player abandoned a village attack
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the Night Beacon base to generate in the middle of a lake, which made it impossible to reach
  • Fixed village attacks on Legendary difficulty not being defendable unless the player was present at the village
  • The air above the Horde of the Bastion boss base no longer blocks projectiles
  • The Unbreakable’s fire spray attack can no longer damage mobs behind it
  • Improved final boss pathfinding around structures

Lost Legends

  • The Portal Pile: Fixed an issue that caused the game not to end if the player died when the fountain was destroyed (MCLG-113)
    • The Portal Pile needs to be updated through Marketplace to fix this issue
  • Fixed the reward not being visible in the menu until entering the Lost Legends lobby

User Interface

  • Mount skins can now be seen and previewed in the Heroes and Mounts menu
  • The map cursor’s horizontal movement is no longer inverted after quickly opening and closing the map (MCLG-19)
  • Main menu buttons no longer disappear briefly when hovered over
  • Fixed the loading screen background briefly disappearing when loading into a game
  • Fixed hotbar icons getting stuck on one category
  • Fixed subtitles and Advanced Direct text overlapping in several languages
  • The proper error message now appears when attempting to join a multiplayer game with the ‘You can join multiplayer games’ privilege is set to Blocked
  • Clicking anywhere outside of the matchmaking prompt when searching for a match no longer cancels the matchmaking attempt


  • The Lute sound no longer gets stuck playing if a mob spawner was destroyed while the player was spawning mobs
  • Fixed Pigmadillos spamming sound effects while traveling through redthorn
  • Fixed some exploration music not playing at the beginning of a Versus match on Nintendo Switch
  • Added missing sound effects when constructing a Mossy Golem spawner


  • Fixed Foresight’s first gameplay subtitle not being localized for several languages
  • Fixed missing Arabic language text translations for building structures in the tutorial
  • Fixed missing Arabic language text translations in the post-game screen for The Portal Pile
  • Fixed several inconsistencies in the Songbook for French language
  • Fixed Polish voiceovers and subtitles not lining up at the start of the tutorial
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