Artists vs AI: Sting Declares a Fight for Human Creativity!

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British singer Sting predicted on Thursday that artists would wage a “battle” to defend their work against the use of artificial intelligence in the music industry.

“The building blocks of music belong to us humans,” the 71-year-old former lead singer of The Police said in an interview with the BBC. “There will be one battle we all have to fight in the coming years, and that is defending our human capital against artificial intelligence.”

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Artificial intelligence is used to recreate the works of famous musicians. Fake works by artists such as Eminem, Drake, The Weeknd and Oasis have been created using artificial intelligence.

Sting noted that “tools are useful,” but believed humans should control them, as “you can’t allow machines to control them, but you have to be careful.”

And the artist added, before receiving the top honors from the ‘Ivor Academy’ for music on Thursday, that this technology “may work in the field of electronic music. But for songs that express feelings, I don’t think it will be affected”.

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