Post-Millennial Generation in the Kingdom Achieve Career-Boosting Skills through Video Games: New Study

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How Video Gaming Can Help Jump-Start Careers in Saudi Arabia

A new study shows that video gaming helps the post-millennial generation in Saudi Arabia acquire skills that can help them jump-start their careers. A CensusWide survey commissioned by YouTube showed that 87% of recruiters are more likely to hire video gamers than they can explain the skills they have developed during the game. 63% of post-millennials agree that video games have given them the confidence to face the challenges of the professional world, yet only 38% of post-millennials mention this information during job interviews or on their resumes. The survey supports previous research on the valuable and transferable skills gamers acquire from video games as Saudi Arabia continues its efforts to achieve a global position in video games.

Important Skills for Entry-Level Professionals

When a panel of recruiting specialists were asked what are the most important skills they look for during the recruiting process for entry-level professionals, they said they primarily ask for the following: the ability to problem solve (43%), the ability to communicate well (38%) and the ability to act calmly under pressure (38%). %),

Skills Acquired From Video Games

This agrees with what post-millennials say about the skills they most often acquire from playing video games, with nearly 70% saying that interacting with other gamers has helped them communicate more confidently, a skill highly valued by recruiters.

The YouTube Experience and Gaming Community

The ability to connect and interact with people who have similar interests is central to the YouTube experience, including the gaming community on YouTube. For example, YouTube recently announced that video game-related content will surpass 2 trillion views in 2022. Since December of last year, the same category of content has attracted more than 500 million active and registered viewers and over 120 billion hours of display.

Video Game Content Creators in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, some of the biggest video game content creators like BanderitaX, oPiilz Saleh, ShongxBong, oCMz Osms and Meshael MR have a combined total of over 33.5 million subscribers and over 9.5 billion views on YouTube.

Learning from Gameplay

Matt Parr, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor at the University of Glasgow and author of Graduate Skills and Game-Based Learning, commented: “Platforms like YouTube allow us to watch recordings or live streams of our gameplay. Play, which helps us understand how high level players or other players in general solve problems in the games we know, how they adapt under pressure and quickly change their strategies. So we have the opportunity to learn new skills, monitor the performance of new strategies and learn techniques. we can adopt it ourselves when we play.”

The Role of YouTube Creators

In the same context, Tarek Amin, director of YouTube partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa, said: “Millions of people visit YouTube to improve their skills in video games, studies that have shown to help them develop important skills for professional success. I was very pleased to hear that employers are aware of skills We are very proud of the role YouTube creators play in this regard, helping young men and women to upskill in a hobby that has a huge offline impact. “

Transferable Skills for Professional Success

In addition, Jeroen van den Schott, Business Director of Hays Middle East, a multinational recruitment agency offering workforce solutions, said: “The skills acquired from video games can be invested in many professional contexts. For the post-millennialThose with little hands-on experience can distinguish themselves by highlighting transferable skills gained from playing video games.For example, gamers of this generation may focus on achievements in video games, such as high rankings or trophies from tournaments and competitions.They may also put into relate their experience playing video games to specific skills needed for the job, describing how video games have taught them to think outside the box, cope with stressors, and collaborate with others.”

Demonstrating Transferable Skills to Potential Employers

“Post-Millennials can demonstrate their transferable skills and explain how they acquired them from video games to prove their worth to potential employers,” he added.

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