In May of 2023, The South Korean Reality Series Siren: Survive The Island Will Be Available on Netflix

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Reality shows have consistently been some of the most watched on Netflix. The contestants of Physical: 100 have been the most stunning reality stars we’ve seen come out of South Korea, and that’s saying a lot considering the incredible reality stuff we’ve seen from that country. However, before it has even been released, the women of Siren Survive the Island are already building a case for it to be the best reality series to drop in 2023. This is before the show has even aired.


In Siren: Survive the Island, one of the most intense reality shows that Netflix has produced to date, 24 women from South Korea’s armed forces, security personnel, athletes, public services, and stunt doubles team up in their respective professions as they compete against each other in challenges requiring extreme mental fortitude and physical prowess.

In May of 2023, The South Korean Reality Series Siren Survive The Island Will Be Available on Netfli x_

In addition to this, we have the official summary that Netflix published:

On an uninhabited island, 24 female law enforcement officers, firefighters, bodyguards, soldiers, athletes, and stuntwomen compete against one another to see who will emerge victorious.

When will the video game Siren: Survive the Island become available on Netflix?

On Tuesday, May 30th, 2023, the South Korean reality series will become available to stream on Netflix.

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