Quidditch Champions Playtest Gameplay Exposed After Being Shared Online by a Streamer

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Warner Bros. announced Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions around a month ago. This revelation happened after Hogwarts Legacy had been a smashing success for several weeks, leaving lovers of the Wizarding World feeling very excited and enthusiastic. Only a few weeks later, it was reported that a streamer violated a non-disclosure agreement by live-streaming gameplay during the Quidditch Champions playtest and sharing content from the game online.

Quidditch Champions_

The gameplay includes a Quidditch match, seen in the stream and the subsequent clips shared online. There is also a clip showing character customization, which includes picking a role, a base character (which includes the titular character himself), a broom, broom trails, celebrations, and much more.

Someone is in a pickle.

It Appears That Quidditch Champions Have Been Revealed

This invitation-only playtests just went online today, on the 20th of May. It only took a few hours for the gaming to be discovered online, even though the closed playtest almost definitely adhered to the terms of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Once anything is publicized, it is no longer possible to remove it, and the clips that are being sent about on websites such as Reddit have already been watched and forwarded.

Flight (Gameplay)
by u/No_Nerve7020 in QuidditchChampionsWB

As we’ve said, someone is in trouble.

Unbroken Studios is the studio in charge of Quidditch Champions’ development, and Warner Bros. is the game’s publisher. Despite this, the game borrows aspects from Hogwarts Legacy, including several user interface designs. This is a lot more ‘cartoony’ game, with vivid colors and flashy materials being the rule of the day. There is no denying that it is a Wizarding World game, from the iconography to the setting; Harry Potter fans will recognize everything about it immediately.

Character Customization (Gameplay)
by u/No_Nerve7020 in QuidditchChampionsWB

Given that the video that has been released only amounts to a minute or two in total, it is difficult to make a definitive assessment, but it is of high quality. It is simple yet in a good way.

Quidditch Champio ns_

All clip traces have been removed from the streamer’s channel since they stopped broadcasting the gameplay; moreover, this has prevented various sites from scooping up the posted footage.

There is currently no information available on the release date of Quidditch Champions.

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