Joe Pickett Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

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The second season of Joe Pickett is one of the crime shows that fans look forward to seeing. The Joe Pickett television series is an American neo-Western crime thriller based on characters created by author C.J. Box. The show debuted in 2005 and ran for three seasons. The sitcom’s first episode, produced by Paramount and first aired on Spectrum Originals, was then moved to Paramount+.

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The program is produced by C.J. Box, John Erick Dowdle, and Drew Dowdle and stars Michael Dorman as the lead character. Julianna Guill, Sharon Lawrence, Mustafa Speaks, and Paul Sparks appear on the show. The show’s first season, which debuted on December 6, 2021, comprises ten episodes. On February 9, 2022, Spectrum and Paramount+ announced they would renew the show for a second season.

Since it first aired, the show has garnered a great deal of praise from spectators as well as critics. Regarding critics’ opinions, Joe Pickett was awarded an excellent 7.5 out of 10 points on IMDb. At the same time, the show has a Rotten Tomatoes approval rating of 96 percent, which indicates that audiences overwhelmingly enjoy it.

Parents should be warned that the murder mystery series Joe Pickett depicts many gruesome animal deaths, many firearms and rifles, and a body that has been pierced with an arrow. There have been reports of adults and children behaving intoxicatedly, using abusive language, and bullying one another. Pregnancy is also a prominent issue.

The television series Joe Pickett, which is based on a book series written by C.J. Box with the same name, follows the eponymous game warden, who is portrayed in the show by Michael Dorman, as he fights for survival alongside his family in a small town that is on the danger of being abandoned. When a body of a murder victim was found in the Picketts’ home during the first season, it thrust the family into the middle of a mystery. While working with the local sheriff’s office in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming, Joe has to navigate a complex web of conspiracies and cover-ups to protect the people he cares most about in the world.


  • Michael Dorman as Joe Pickett
  • Zebastin Borjeau portrays a young Joe Pickett
  • Julianna Guill as Marybeth Pickett
  • Sharon Lawrence as Missy Vankeuren
  • Paul Sparks as Wacey Hedeman
  • Mustafa Speaks as Nate Romanowski
  • Skywalker Hughes as Sheridan Pickett
  • Kamryn Pliva as Lucy Pickett
  • David Alan Grier as Vern Dunnegan
  • Vivienne Guynn as April Keeley
  • Chad Rook as Deputy McLanahan
  • Aadila Dosani as Deputy Cricket Ludlow
  • Keean Johnson as Luke Brueggeman
  • Leah Gibson as Jeannie Keeley
  • Cassie Dzienny as Sadie Pickett
  • Kyle Mac as George Pickett
  • Jacqueline and Joyce Robbins as Violet and Vivan Bouvier
  • Oliver Mandelcorn as Victor Pickett
  • Joshua Morettin portrays Victor Pickett as a teenager
  • Evie Marsten as Julie Scarlett
  • Patrick Gallagher as Sheriff Bud Barnum
  • Judith Buchan as Opal Scarlett
  • Brendan Fletcher as Arlen Scarlett
  • Roger LeBlanc as Hank Scarlett
  • Rachel Colwell as Taylor Maldonado

What is the Release Date Of Joe Pickett Season 2?

Joe Pickett Spectrum has yet to renew the show’s second season officially. As of July 2022, there has yet to be a date that has been decided for the release of the new season. This in no way suggests that the show has been canceled at this time. The information on the upcoming season of the program has yet to be disclosed or scheduled. As a result, it could be on indefinite hold. This post will be updated as soon as any new information is available.

Joe Pickett Seas on 2_

Who is the Director of Joe Pickett Season 2?

John Erick Dowdle is a film director and screenwriter from the United States of America. He is most recognized for his work in the horror film genre. In most cases, he collaborates with his brother Drew Dowdle, a producer and co-screenwriter, on various projects. After graduating from New York University, Dowdle relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film industry. Soon after graduating from college, Dowdle wrote and directed his first feature picture, Full Moon Rising, released in 1996. Dowdle collaborated with his younger brother Drew on the production of his sophomore attempt, The Dry Spell. While John wrote, directed, and edited the picture, Drew was in charge of producing it. They call Los Angeles home and run their business as The Brothers Dowdle together.

What is the Plot of Joe Pickett Season 2?

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In the movie’s very first scene, an older boy yells after a younger child running through the forest, “Come back here!” The scene shifts to a man who is seen waking up and appearing to be experiencing a nightmare. During Joe Pickett’s first day as a game warden in Saddlestring, Wyoming, he comes face to face with a local poacher, putting him in an unpleasant and uncomfortable predicament. When Marybeth supervises the rest of the family in a motel and conducts her research, Joe weasels his way into a murder investigation in a tiny town and finds himself at odds with several powerful community members.

While Joe and a few other courageous locals set off on a risky voyage, Marybeth mulls over whether or not she should go back to court to fight for what appears to be a fair cause. Joe has achieved some celebrity due to the death of the alleged murderer; nevertheless, he is not certain that the investigation has been resolved because someone is still trying to tie up loose ends.

Joe and Marybeth are shaken up due to the tragedy at Clyde’s trailer, and they must decide whether or not they want to continue looking for the truth. Meanwhile, Sheridan is surprised to have a visitor stop by her house. Marybeth puts in work at all hours of the night and day to have Nate released. At the same time, Joe begins to wonder whether anyone in this town isn’t participating in the widespread corruption.

Because of Joe’s attempts to solve the riddle of the pipeline, the Pickett family can move into a brand-new, extravagant home. Nevertheless, it can end up costing him. To obtain ground-breaking proof, Joe turns to an unexpected friend for assistance; meanwhile, Marybeth and Sheridan are still perilously near to being in danger.

Sheridan fights to remember her combat skills while Joe makes a hasty dash to the hospital to give her the best chance of evading a crazy assailant. When the smoke clears, those who have survived must find a way to come to terms with the sacrifices they have made and find a way to move on from the ultimate battle, which will be Picketts’ most difficult conflict to date.

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