Netflix Will Distribute The Oscar-Nominated Film “Living,” Starring Bill Nighy, Later This Year in The United States

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Kazuo Ishiguro wrote the screenplay for the feature film, and Oliver Hermanus was the director. The story centers on an English bureaucrat with a cold demeanor who begins to warm up when a terrible diagnosis motivates him to make a course correction and construct his legacy.


Aimee Lou Wood, Tom Burke, and Alex Sharp also star in the Netflix series Living alongside Bill Nighy. After debuting at the Sundance Film Festival the previous year, it debuted in several theaters across the United States later that same year. Sony Pictures Classics has purchased the rights to distribute the film in the United States.

On RottenTomatoes, the film has received a score of 96%, which earns it the designation of Certified Fresh. Paul Byrnes of the Sydney Morning Herald formed the most vivid picture in his review, which concluded, “The film itself is like eating a rich dessert: you marvel at all the constituent parts, but when it’s over, you may have regrets.” It is lush and highly textured, similar to the vintage color video of London in the credits, but it is also a little forceful.”

At the most recent 95th Academy Awards, Living was recognized with two nominations for Oscars. Nighy was nominated for Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay for his work on Living.

Thanks to an output arrangement with Sony that includes pictures from Sony Pictures Classics, it’s on its way to Netflix in the United States. As a result of the agreement reached between Netflix in the US and Sony, many films that will have their premiere in theaters after 2022 will be made available on the service.

Nevertheless, the titles published by Sony Pictures Classics have consistently hit the service at the same rate as those released by Columbia Pictures. Only Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song, and The Son have been added to Netflix; movies such as The Duke, Mothering Sunday, and Compartment No. 6 are notably absent from the streaming service.

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Beginning on June 5th, 2023, Living will be available in the United States on Netflix.

Although this will be the first time the movie has been made available through a streaming video-on-demand service, it has been rented out over the past few months.

There needs to be more information regarding whether or not Living will be made available in any other Netflix regions soon. Given that Lionsgate is responsible for distributing the film in several countries outside of the United States. As a direct consequence, we cannot provide accurate release timetables for nations such as the United Kingdom.

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