Cast and Character Guide for the Third Season of “The Outlaws”

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Over the past few years, the United Kingdom has given the world some hilarious comedic material. In the 2020s, the British Isles produced many comedic works, such as Ghosts and Stath Let Flats, which are both hilarious. The Outlaws, written by Stephen Merchant (The Office) and Elgin James (Little Birds), is one example of a show that has become immensely popular worldwide. A group of seven very diverse people find themselves performing community service together for various reasons detailed in the show’s first season, which takes place in Bristol, United Kingdom, the hometown of Merchant.

The crew, closely monitored by their supervisor Diane (Jessica Gunning), inadvertently become entangled in a scheme involving a neighborhood crime organization and find themselves caught in the middle of a conflict fueled by the distribution of illegal drugs while under the watchful eye of Diane. It should come as no surprise that the program has been successful enough to warrant a third season, given its one-of-a-kind humorous approach and true emotional tension. The filming of the third season of The Outlaws has begun, so here is a cast and character guide for the upcoming episode.

'The Outlaws' Season 3_

Rhianne Barreto as Rani

Rani’s transformation from an academic prodigy who lived under the watchful eye of her authoritarian parents at the beginning of Season 1 to a freedom-seeking rebel at the end of Season 2 gives her the potential to have the most compelling character arc of all of the characters in The Outlaws. The amazing performance given by Rhianne Barreto is highlighted by the fact that she effectively transitions from profound moments of melancholy to humor. This melancholy is exemplified by the fact that she decides not to travel to Weston-Super-Mare with Ben on the train at the end of Season 2. Rather, she takes a convertible she stole and drives off into the sunset, or more likely, into a life of criminal activity.

Due to the fact that Barreto was one of nine children, she had to compete for attention throughout her childhood. This prepared her well for the acting industry once she pursued a career. She was honored with the Breakthrough Performance award at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival for her work in the film Share, and since then, she hasn’t looked back. Her performance as Rani is undoubtedly her most notable work to this point. She will also play a leading role in the new drama series The Blue, which will air on Paramount+.

Stephen Merchant as Greg

Greg is a bumbling accountant who consistently finds himself on the losing side of situations, regardless of whether or not the circumstances were his fault. Some of the show’s most memorable moments come courtesy of Merchant’s act, which is hilarious from start to finish. However, his complicated relationship with Lady Gabriella (more on her in a little) won over the hearts of the audience. It was the primary focus of his character arc for the entire Season 2. After finally standing up to his abusive superiors, quitting his job, and making plans to go on a date with the coworker he has a crush on his way out the door, Greg appears to be the happiest of the group when the second season ends. Fans rejoiced in this triumphant sequence, which was hailed by many as the most touching moment of the second season’s last episode.

Stephen Merchant has had a tremendously successful career in comedy, from his time spent as Ricky Gervais’s comedy partner to his starring roles in some of Hollywood’s most popular films, such as Logan and Jojo Rabbit. It should come as no surprise that Stephen Merchant is regarded as one of the most talented comedy writers now active in the UK. Some comedic shows he has written for include The Office (UK) and The Outlaws. In the upcoming animation The Ark and the Aardvark, which will be released in 2024, Merchant is slated to provide the voice of Croc. Also starring in the film will be Miles Teller (Whiplash) and Aubrey Plaza (Safety Not Guaranteed).

Gamba Cole as Christian/Benjamin

Ben is the trigger that drives the crime component of the narrative. He does so in tandem with Rani, who is the other half of the show’s “Will-they, won’t-they” relationship. Ben inadvertently puts the rest of his community service gang into problems as he tries to make some money for himself and his younger sister after getting himself into a situation in which he is much over his head. Until the final few scenes of Season 2, Ben and Rani have a bright future ahead. Nevertheless, as was said previously, Rani had a sudden change of heart at the last minute, which makes the future look unexpectedly dubious. Our last view of Ben is him looking defeated as his train pulls away from the platform.

Born in Bristol, Gamba Cole was necessary for the casting team working on The Outlaws since the show will only add to his already amazing body of work in the film industry. In the past, Cole has been a part of the productions Death in Paradise, A Discovery of Witches, and Gone Too Far!, but The Outlaws is perhaps the role that has brought him the most attention.

Clare Perkins as Myrna

The development of Myrna’s character during The Outlaws is remarkable, especially considering how frequently her desperate drive to be morally right takes precedence over moral integrity. By the end of the second season, Myrna has settled down and found a way to come to terms with the guilt-ridden demons that have tormented her thoughts. This was made possible with the assistance of her old adversary John. In the penultimate episode of Season 2, Myrna ultimately gives up her position as head of the Bristol Justice Collective. She hands the responsibility off to her fellow worker, Claire. Myrna has the impression of being the most resolved of the characters returning for Season 3, so it will be interesting to see how she fits into the upcoming storyline.

Clare Perkins has had a very successful career as an actress, with parts ranging from format series like EastEnders and Holby City to award-winning films like Ken Loach’s Ladybird, Ladybird, which won the Palme d’Or, and Saul Dibb’s Bullet Boy, both of which won the award for Best Picture. She has also had a successful career off-camera, with many spectacular performances on stage and the radio. Her career has been quite successful. The upcoming drama Embers, directed by Christian Cooke, will include Perkins in the role of Helen.

Darren Boyd as John

John is the polar opposite of Clare Perkins’ character Myrna because he represents the archetype of the conservative middle-class male. At the beginning of the program, John is a fairly despicable character; yet, once we discover that he has a desperate drive to impress his depressed father and after we see his tough exterior begin to show cracks throughout Season 2, we come to like him more by the time the credits roll on the show’s conclusion. John wraps off Season 2 with a relative flourish, eventually deciding, with the support of his wife, to sue his father for workplace bullying and unjust dismissal, all while opting to get therapy for his mental health problems. This decision comes shortly after John decides to seek help for his mental health problems. The character of John in The Outlaws is meant to represent many middle-aged men in modern culture. The show succeeds in its first attempt at addressing a crucial topic of discourse by depicting John’s eventual admission that he has issues with his mental health.

Actor Darren Boyd has had a fruitful career in Britain, featuring in many notable productions such as The Salisbury Poisonings, Killing Eve, and Four Lions, to name just three. His exceptional acting range has made him successful in comedic and dramatic roles. As a result, he has been a working actor for most of the past 25 years, with very few exceptions.

Eleanor Tomlinson as Lady Gabriella

Lady Gabriella is extremely wealthy as a result of her incredibly wealthy family. Her connection with her father, portrayed by Richard E. Grant, hangs by a financial thread because of Lady Gabby’s destructive activities, eventually leading her father to cut off the family’s financial support. The contrast between Lady Gabby’s lovely on-screen demeanor and the crazy behind-the-scenes lifestyle she leads makes her emblematic of a generation enamored with social media stars. In season 2, Lady Gabby’s life appears to be falling apart, and only the unlikeliest friendships with Greg ultimately save her. Much like John, Lady Gabby confronts her problems by the time the series comes to a close. She goes to a meeting for addicts who use illegal drugs anonymously and admits that she has a problem with cocaine. The news that Lady Gabby will be appearing in episodes throughout the third season brought joy to many viewers, who regard her as a fan-favorite character.

Eleanor Tomlinson has a filmography that would make many actors green with envy, spanning from her first Hollywood part in The Illusionist starring Edward Norton (Fight Club) to her performances in the likes of Jack the Giant Slayer and the 2010 Tim Burton remake of Alice in Wonderland. Tomlinson’s filmography includes many roles that would make many performers green with envy. Tomlinson’s most recent role was in the Disney+ miniseries A Small Light, which tells the story of Miep Gies, a woman who housed Anne Frank’s family while hiding from the Nazis during World War II.

The full cast list for Season 3 of The Outlaws is guaranteed to excite each of the show’s fans, as there is no doubt that a great number of additional amazing stars will join the cast in the coming season. Unfortuitously, it has yet to be revealed whether or not the legendary Christopher Walken will be returning to the show. His fan-favorite character, Frank, is someone who, if he does not return, will unquestionably be sorely missed.

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