The Peacock’s Reply to the Name Change of HBO Max

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Officially, HBO Max is no longer available. The platform, formerly known as Warner Bros. Discovery and now owned by Warner Bros., has undergone a rebranding and is now known as Max. This change was made on Tuesday. The general public has made fun of the alterations in what has become a meme in its own right. Now, even Peacock is joining in on the action and getting in on the jokes.

The Peacock's Reply to the Name Change of HBO Max

In a tweet that was extremely inappropriate for work on Tuesday afternoon, the social media account for the streamer announced that even though there was a rising trend on Twitter to drop the initial part of their name, they would not be following suit and doing so. “I know you’re all very disappointed, but I will *not* be dropping the first half of my name any time soon,” the platform tweeted. “I apologize for any confusion this may cause.”

What did HBO Max change names?

In a nutshell, the executives at Warner Bros. Discovery intended to rebrand the service following the merging of HBO Max and Discovery+. As a result, David Zaslav and the company concluded that they would not use the branding of either platform and would rather develop something new.

The Peacock's Reply to the Name Change of HBO Max

During the firm’s most recent quarterly earnings call, Zaslav stated, “We’re excited that we’re going to take all of the Discovery content and put it together with the content that is available on HBO Max in a much better platform.” “But the key to this company is, as a storytelling company, we have this diversity…We can pick and choose from these different baskets to build what may be the most important thing for us: a successful and profitable streaming business.”

He continued by saying, “That HBO Max, whatever we call it on the launch, is a product that we take around the world and has a real impact on how people consume content.” We have faith in it due to our conviction that we offer the best selection of information, the best portfolio, and the highest possible quality. And we’re doing it in a way that’s having an effect on America right now.”

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