The Release of The Skull Island Anime Series on Netflix is Scheduled for June 2023

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The series is a collaboration between Legendary Television, Tractor Pants, and Powerhouse Animation Studios. The project was initially revealed at the beginning of 2021. Legendary Television is the owner of Kong’s intellectual property.

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The primary writer for the project is Brian Duffield, who is most known for his work on Love and Monsters. Brad Graeber, Brian Duffield, and Jacob Robinson all work as executive producers for the endeavor.

In 2021, Taylor Harton, who worked for Powerhouse Animation Studios, gave a sneak peek at the project by saying, “The writing and characters are so enjoyable, I already love them, and I can’t wait for everyone else to see it!”

This is one of two big anime series on Netflix from Legendary Entertainment. The other major project is an anime adaptation of the video game series Tomb Raider, and development on that adaptation is presently well underway.

‘Skull Islan d’_

What Viewers Can Anticipate From the Anime Series “Skull Island” on Netflix

During the anime and animation day of Geeked Week in 2022, when they announced the story, we got our first hint of what the series was about:

“[The series follows] …a group of shipwrecked characters trying to escape from the dangerous titular island home to prehistoric monsters, including the King himself.”

They also provided an early glimpse of the following:

According to the recently updated website for Legendary Entertainment, they have released a bit of a description of what we may anticipate from the new series, which is as follows:

The adventure anime SKULL ISLAND is a new and epic chapter in the Monsterverse franchise produced by Legendary. Individuals who have been shipwrecked and are trying desperately to survive in the most difficult place on Earth make up the plot. This island is inhabited by enormous beasts, such as the legendary “megaprimatus” Kong, who calls it home.

On the 23rd of May, 2023, Netflix Geeked released the first teaser trailer for the new series, along with the first poster for the series:

Who will be starring in the upcoming film Skull Island?

The following actors have provided their voices for the anime series:

  • Mae Whitman (The Duff, Good Girls) as Annie
  • Darren Barnett (Never Have I Ever) as Mike
  • Benjamin Bratt (Poker Face) as Cap
  • Betty Gilpin (Glow) as Irene
  • Nicolas Cantu (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem) as Charlie, the main protagonist of the series
  • Phill LeMarr (Samurai Jack) as Sam
  • Fryda Wolff (Trolls, The Owl House) as Island Girl

Godzilla vs. Kong is slated to be Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures’ next collaboration on the big screen, and both studios are hard at work developing new film projects.

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