Total War: Pharaoh Has Been Revealed By Creative Assembly

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Total War: Pharaoh is a brand-new installment in the Total War franchise, which has been going strong for almost twenty years. Creative Assembly revealed the game today. The most recent major installment to be released in the series occurred in 2019. Now that the dust has settled, players will face off again, this time in Ancient Egypt, where their actions determine the destinies of three distinct cultures.

Total War Pharaoh Has Been Revealed By Creative Assembly_

A cinematic teaser for Total War: Pharaoh has been released, announcing that the game will be available in October 2023. It was a breathtaking clip, full of atmosphere and mystery in equal measure, and it was a fantastic indicator of what’s to come in this brand-new incarnation of Total War.

A War That Is Befitting of a Pharaoh

The events of Total War: Pharaoh will occur in the ‘Egyptian New Kingdom,’ modeled roughly around the historical collapse of the Bronze Age. Todor Nikolov, the Game Director of Total War: Pharaoh, made the following comment in a press release:

There are just a handful of eras more recognizable than Ancient Egypt, which is why this time period is ideal for setting a Total War game. Egypt was rife with political intrigue, catastrophic catastrophes, and expansive military battles. In your role as Pharaoh, you are responsible for rescuing Egypt from the brink of oblivion and leading your people through the catastrophic end of the Bronze Age. It is up to you to decide whether you will live on or be forgotten by history.

Total War Pharaoh Has Been Revealed By Creative Assembly_

Players are allowed to approach Total War: Pharaoh in anyway they see fit, as the game offers a variety of options for how the base game should be played. The game will have eight Egyptian factions, each based on one of three different cultures: Egyptian, Canaanite, or Hittite.

For your viewing pleasure, here is the promotional video:

According to rumors, Total War: Pharaoh will involve tactical input on various levels, not only those relating to politics or combat. A severe weather front will arrive at the worst possible time to throw a wrench into the game’s action. Pharaoh will be the first game in the series to incorporate a feature referred to as “Campaign Customization.”

With this feature’s help, players can fully customize and fine-tune their campaign before beginning to play it. As a result, they will be able to create a setting that is suited to them on every level.

Total War: Pharaoh is scheduled to be released in October, and it has been reported that the main game would cost $59.99. Players who pre-order the game will receive access to an Early Access weekend before the game’s release.

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