Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: A Breathtaking New Chapter in the Legacy

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The Future of Zelda: A New Format for Adventures

The latest release of The Legend of Zelda on Switch, Tears of the Kingdom, has left fans wondering what the future of the franchise will hold after the groundbreaking Breath of the Wild. The 2019 release redefined the open-world genre and scored critical and commercial success with a 96/100 rating on Metacritic and selling over 10 million copies worldwide in just three days, setting a new record for the legendary series.

But what does this unprecedented success mean for the future of Zelda? Fans and critics alike have been speculating on what to expect from the next installment, and franchise producer Eiji Aonuma has added fuel to the fire in a recent interview with GameInformer.

When asked if Breath of the Wild would become the new foundation for future Zelda games, Aonuma responded with a cryptic remark, saying:

In response to this comment, fans have been left speculating about what “a new type of format” could mean for the series. Some have suggested that this could refer to a departure from the traditional structure of “explore, dungeon, object” that has defined previous Zelda titles.

Aonuma himself seems to support this view, noting that the format established by Ocarina of Time in 1998 had become “a bit restrictive” when it came to creating new adventures. Despite the success of that title and its impact on the franchise, Aonuma suggests that there were limitations to the “freedom” it offered players.

These comments suggest that the future of Zelda could take the franchise in exciting new directions, beyond what has been seen in previous titles. With Breath of the Wild already breaking the mold for open-world games, fans are left wondering how the next Zelda adventure could build on that foundation.

Regardless of what the future holds for the franchise, Zelda fans around the world are eagerly waiting for the next installment to continue their adventures with Link and explore new worlds of magic and wonder. With the success of Tears of the Kingdom and the critical and commercial triumph of Breath of the Wild, it seems that the series is in good hands and may continue to charm and engage players for years to come.

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