According to the Report, It Appears That The Last of Us Multiplayer Game Is Having Some Issues

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According to a recent article by Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, the Last of Us Multiplayer game developed by Naughty Dog has allegedly seen certain failures and could be in jeopardy.

The Last of Us Multiplayer Gam e_

According to Bloomberg, it has spoken with four people familiar with the project, and the game has been “scaled back after a recent evaluation.” Even if many developers have gone on to other projects, the report states unequivocally that the project has yet to be scrapped.

After Naughty Dogs’ most recent remark, which Schreier claimed on Twitter was in response to Bloomberg’s request for comment on the issue, the next thing to happen was for Jason Schreier to write a report about the situation.

The game’s creator made the following statement on Twitter: “We know that many of you have been looking forward to hearing more about our The Last of Us Multiplayer game.” The work that our studio has produced up to this point has given us a lot to be proud of. Despite this, as work has progressed, we’ve concluded that the best thing we can do for the game is to give it more time.

“Our team will continue to work on the project, as well as on our other games currently in development, including a brand new single-player experience; we look forward to sharing more information very soon.”

The Last of Us Multiplayer Gam e_

We are thankful to our amazing community for all of your support, and we want to thank you for your undying enthusiasm for our products; it serves as a constant source of motivation for us.

The fact that the game was not demonstrated during the PlayStation Showcase, along with the newly released statement and Schreier’s claim, suggests the game is difficult. Unfortunately, this likely indicates that we will not hear anything further about the game soon.

Is the multiplayer component of The Last of Us in grave danger?

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