When Will the Eighth Episode of the Anime Series Oshi no Ko be Available, And at What Time

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The new drama and mystery series, Oshi No Ko, has completely gripped the anime world. The story centers on a physician without a name who passes away at night. He is reborn as an idol named Aqua, Ai’s son. After spending her time with Ai and his sister Ruby having a good time, Aqua witnesses the murder of Ai. Aqua has devised a plan to find his father and make him suffer for what he did to him and Ai, as he is convinced that his father is responsible for their deaths.

Oshi no Ko Episode 8_

If you have been watching this anime, you are probably interested in finding out when the next episode will be available online. Well, wonder no longer!

The release date, air time, and online streaming locations for the eighth episode of Oshi No Ko Season 1 are all included in the following information for your convenience.

What is the Release Date And Time of Oshi no Ko Episode 8?

The eighth episode of Oshi no Ko will be available on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. After the premiere of a special program the following week, the eighth episode of the anime will be available to watch online. The episode will initially air on TOKYO MX at 11 pm Japan Standard Time (JST). It will be made available on other Japanese networks after that.

In the prior episode, we saw Aqua collaborating with his fellow Love Now cast members. They collaborated to produce a video that revealed to the viewers the reality of the situation involving Akane and Yuki. This contributed to a decrease in the hatred directed at Akane. After that, she returned to the show, but this time she played a new character with a personality and charm very much like Ai Hoshino.

A Recap of The Seventh Episode of Oshi no Ko.

In the seventh episode of Oshi no Ko, titled “Buzz,” Aqua decided to take matters into his own hands and defend Akane against the persistent cyberbullying. As a result, the information about Akane’s failed suicide attempt was shared with several news websites by him. After that, he collaborated with the other actors from Love Now to produce a video that revealed the reality portrayed on the show.

Oshi no Ko Episode 8_

Aqua had some problems collecting crucial footage for the video. Still, in the end, the plan succeeded since the hatred directed toward Akane subsided once the film was published. After that, Mem-Cho and Yuki offered that Akane plays a character, and Akane decided to come back to the show after hearing that suggestion. Akane had prepared herself by studying Ai’s character before filming, and she did an excellent job of portraying it that day.

What to Expect From The Eighth Episode of Oshi no Ko?

In the next eighth episode of Oshi no Ko, Aqua will most likely attempt to comprehend how he feels about Ai Hoshino. Although in his life as Aqua, Ai played the role of his mother, in his previous existence as Gorou Amamiya, Ai was the role of his most admired idol. As a result, Aqua is quite likely to experience emotional turmoil due to watching Akane Kurokawa embody the charm that Ai exudes.

In other news, Kana Arima and Ruby Hoshino may try to take the next step toward becoming idols, so they may look for additional members to join them in this endeavor.

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