Google introduces SGE AI search in beta version

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Google Announces Launch of Search Generative Experience (SGE) Service

The American company of Internet technology and services (Google) has announced the launch of a trial version of the search service SGE (Search Generative Experience), which relies on artificial intelligence techniques to deliver search results directly to the user.

How SGE Works

Unlike traditional search methods, which appears in search results as a list of blue links, the SGE service uses artificial intelligence to answer users’ questions on the Google search engine page. After you enter your question, a box will appear – a green or blue square expanding with a new answer generated using the expanded language model for Google. The search engine collects the information necessary to answer the user’s question from Internet pages and links to various sources, and can also ask subsequent questions via the SGE service in order to be able to provide more precise answers.

Availability and Limitations

Interestingly, the SGE service is not currently available to the public and you need to create an account on the Search Labs service, but it is currently available to a limited number in the United States of America and in English only.

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