It’s Possible That the Playstation Project Q Will Surprise You With Its Battery Life

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Following the publication of my first video on YouTube in over a year, which was about the most recent PlayStation Showcase, I stated a few specifics about Project Q and its battery life.

Playstation Project Q_

The battery life of Project Q will be somewhere between three and four hours, so get ready for that. Indeed, you did read that correctly. At least Project Q stays true to its name, as the DualSense only has a limited battery life.

If the battery life of the retail version of Project Q is between three and four hours, then Sony may need help selling the handheld device. There is already skepticism over its success because the handheld console can only be used with Remote Play.

However, the final success of Project Q will be determined by the cost of its components. If it were priced at less than or equal to $200, there is a good chance that the attachment would sell in large quantities; nevertheless, PlayStation is renowned for setting exorbitant product prices.

In any case, Project Q should be discussed more in the future. CEO Jim Ryan stated, “We look forward to delivering additional information in the coming future. “Thank you for your patience,” When Jim Ryan says the launch is scheduled for “later this year,” that likely refers to a point between mid- and late-November 2023.

You can hear what I have to say about the PlayStation Showcase by clicking here: