Release Date for The Sequel To ‘Maid’ on Netflix is Set for November 2023

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Maid, which premiered on Netflix in October 2021, has proven to be one of the streaming service’s most popular limited series. It was adapted from Stephanie Land’s book “Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive,” which became an instant best seller.


The following book, which is going to be titled Class, will continue the story that was started in Maid, which was based on the memoir and real life of the author Stephanie Land. The author characterizes the upcoming novel as “Maid’s sequel and origin story.”

The following is an outline of what you may anticipate from the brand-new book, which has a total page count of 288:

“Class paints an intimate and heartbreaking portrait of motherhood as it converges and often conflicts with personal desire and professional ambition. The result is a story that will break your heart.” Who has the authority to make artistic creations? Who has the privilege of attending a university? And what kinds of labor are regarded highly in our society? Class confronts these concerns head-on in lucid, forthright, and deeply emotional prose. It is both a scathing critique of the educational system in the United States of America and an uplifting story of a mother’s triumph against all odds.


This is being posted after the show Maid made a comeback into the top 10s on Netflix over the past week in hundreds of different areas. This is partly due to snippets of the show going insane on TikTok, which is why we’re posting this. Orrviv_movie is the account name that has uploaded most of the clips for the program. This user has uploaded multiple clips for the show, some of which have received millions of views, likes, and interactions.

The most popular video has already amassed 61.5 million views over a week. Completely and utterly insane.


This pattern has taken place over the years, with TikTok being the primary driver of fresh interest in older episodes, which has helped these shows climb into the top 10s; Ginny and Georgia is a particularly notable example of this phenomenon from the past.

Naturally, this is in addition to the show’s remarkable performance when it first premiered, which led to it becoming one of the most popular titles in Netflix’s catalog.

Will a second season of Maid be available on Netflix in the future?

Would it be possible for Netflix to turn the second novel into a follow-up television series? It’s not impossible, but there are no concrete plans yet. The Maid was always planned to be a one-off or short series. However, considering the show’s success on Netflix since its debut, it may be the foundation for a subsequent season.

Of course, Maid on Netflix has already made many changes from the main initial novel (as described in TikToks by the author and numerous blogs), such as the fact that her daughter is not named Maddy but rather a Story, for example, but in general, the show and book share comparable beats and topics. Maid is available to stream on Netflix.

Even though we have yet to see Warner Bros. Television or Netflix formally option the second book, we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed because there is renewed interest in the series and new content.