Sony Unveils New Handheld Gaming Device: The Next Generation of Portable Gaming

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Sony announced it would soon launch a new console that could give the Switch a run for its money. The Nintendo Switch line is well-known in the world of handheld gaming devices.

On Wednesday’s PlayStation Showcase, news about the company’s new device, ” Project Q, ” was shown for now.

Owners of the PlayStation 5 will be able to stream games from their console over Wi-Fi with this device.

Jim Ryan, president and chief executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said, “We will launch a dedicated device that lets you stream any game from your PS5 console using Remote Play over Wi-Fi.”

Sony’s Project Q has an eight-inch HD screen, a little bigger than the 6.2-inch (15.7cm) screen on the original Nintendo Switch and the 7-inch (17.7cm) screen on the Switch OLED.

It also has all of the buttons and features of the regular PlayStation 5 DualSense wireless controller, which have been split between the two halves of the controller.

Only games that are already on the PS5 will be able to be streamed.

We have yet to determine how much the new device will cost or when gamers can get it, but Sony has said it will come out later this year.

How does Project Q measure up against the Switch?

A great deal remains unknown regarding the new device that Sony is working on, even though it is highly likely that it will compete with Nintendo’s Switch console.

The company has revealed some images of what the upcoming Project 5 will look like, and there are some parallels to be drawn with the Nintendo Switch.

With over 125 million units sold all over the world, we are aware that the Switch has a large number of devoted followers. At this point, it is impossible to say whether or not Project Q will be successful in the competitive market for handheld gaming devices.