The Future of Fast And Furious: Has Vin Diesel Revealed the Endgame?

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The “X” of Fast X

The Fast and Furious franchise has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years, with its heart-racing car chases and thrilling stunts. Fast X, the latest installment in the series, is set to release this Wednesday, promising an action-packed adventure that will leave fans on the edge of their seats.

Fast X was initially intended to be the penultimate episode of the franchise, with a Fast XI concluding the legacy of the Toretto family. However, rumors suggest that plans might change, and a twelfth episode might be in the works. The producers may have decided to split the final climax of the saga into three parts instead of two.

Despite the rumors, nothing is official yet for Fast & Furious 12, but Universal seems interested in the idea. If Fast X’s numbers are excellent, it’s a safe bet that the production company won’t hesitate long before organizing an ultimate urban rodeo. It remains to be seen if all the cast members will follow suit.

Diesel carbide

Vin Diesel, one of the franchise’s most recognizable stars and a producer of the series, spoke about the possible twelfth episode. During the grand premiere of Fast X in Rome, Vin Diesel revealed that the studio initially asked if it could be a two-part film. Then, after seeing the movie, the studio asked if they could make Fast X a trilogy.

Michelle Rodriguez, another star of the franchise, added that all stories take place in three acts. Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez hinted at the possibility of a twelfth episode, leading fans to speculate on what the future holds for the Fast and Furious saga.


The release of Fast X marks another milestone in the Fast and Furious franchise’s enduring legacy. Fans eagerly await the newest installment while speculating on the possibility of a twelfth episode. If the rumors turn out to be true, it would offer fans even more opportunities to witness the high-octane thrills that have characterized the series from the beginning. With the franchise’s continued commercial success, it’s clear that nothing can stop the Fast and Furious franchise from continuing to entertain audiences for years to come.

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