Bandai Namco has Leaked the Reveal Trailer Of Tekken 8: Bryan Fury

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Today, a gameplay trailer for Bryan Fury and his introduction and reveal were discovered on Twitter… By Bandai Namco. It was initially shared on the Twitter profile of Bandai Namco Europe, but it was quickly deleted. However, only after it was copied and shared online by a third party. Katsuhiro Harada, the producer of Tekken 8, was made aware of it because it was a blunder that was just momentary but had a significant impact.

Tekken 8 Bryan Fury_

Rumors were circulating that Bryan Fury would be exposed later on tonight, in the waning minutes of the Combo Break 2023 competition. In the past several weeks, nuggets of information have been plucked from the project, ranging from a leaked opening screen to knowledge that Tekken 8 will feature cross-platform play and a rollback network, both of which fans have been craving for years. Tekken 8 is scheduled to be released on April 23, 2019.

Even though Bandai Namco Europe deleted the original Tweet that contained the promo, the two-minute trailer that showcases Bryan Fury in all of his magnificence is making the rounds on YouTube:

In a follow-up Tweet that has since been removed, Katsuhiro Harada revealed how he had cautioned the team many years ago ‘not to post on a timer.’

Currently, Tekken 8 does not have a specific release date. However, it is anticipated to be available between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024. However, these leaks indicate how they will continue. In that case, we should expect to see more content leaking from within the project before that time.

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It has been stated that Tekken 8 will be a significantly simpler game for new players to learn how to play, regardless of whatever character they choose to control. Of course, practically all of them have subtleties. Still, the brand-new practice mode elements in Tekken 8 are intended to guide newbies through the basics of the game.

Who is the one classic fighter from Tekken that you hope will be added to the roster next?