Cast and Character Guide for the Show “Clone High”

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With Max’s revival of Clone High, it’s now time to get back into the swing of things at school, and let me tell you, history class has never been funnier! The animated series, which had its world premiere on MTV in the year 2002 and lasted for only one season of the network’s programming that year, takes us on a crazy adventure through the halls of a high school that is populated with clones of great historical personalities such as Abraham Lincoln and Cleopatra. In this bizarre universe, Joan of Arc can’t stop setting things on fire, and John F. Kennedy is known throughout the school as the resident ladies’ guy. Clone High has gained a cult following even though it only aired briefly. It has received accolades for its original premise, irreverent humor, and creative writing. Clone High is ideal for anyone who enjoys learning new things while laughing since the show’s off-the-wall humor and astute historical allusions make it a great way to do both.

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Get ready to get schooled in the craziest way that is ever remotely imaginable, so fasten your seatbelts and grab your books! On May 23, the newly renamed Max channel will debut the first episode of Clone High. Let’s take a quick look at the alums participating in the resurrection without further ado.

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Will Forte as Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln is a fictitious version of the historical person Abraham Lincoln, and Will Forte performs the role in the film. The character of Abraham Lincoln in the show is portrayed as a lanky, tall, and socially awkward student named Abe Lincoln, who has a crush on Cleopatra, who is also a clone. The character of Abe is portrayed as having a kind heart and good intentions. However, his attempts to win over Cleopatra are frequently bumbling and poorly thought out. In addition, he is shown as somewhat naive and easily influenced by the opinions of his friends and classmates. Abe is revealed to have a strong sense of morality and a desire to do what is right, even though he has many shortcomings. He is not afraid to speak up for what he believes in and is willing to take chances to protect the people he cares about.

Forte gained notoriety while working as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. In this prominent NBC sketch comedy show, he remained employed for a total of eight seasons, beginning in 2002 and ending in 2010. During his time on the program, he became well-known for playing a recurrent character that was then adapted into a full-length motion picture that was given the name MacGruber. In addition to his time spent on Saturday Night Live, Forte is most known for his role as the creator and star of the sitcom The Last Man on Earth.

Nicole Sullivan as Joan of Arc

The historical person, Joan of Arc, is portrayed here by Nicole Sullivan in a fictionalized incarnation of the role. Your cynical and angst-ridden high school goth, Joan, is portrayed as a tough and defiant student who battles against injustice and opposes authority. It is demonstrated that Joan is a skilled fighter and a leader, as she frequently takes the initiative to lead her classmates in protests and demonstrations against the restrictive rules and traditions of the school. Joan is plagued by emotions of self-doubt and uncertainty, even though she holds many deeply held beliefs. She sees visions of a higher power, which she takes as a sign from the universe that she is supposed to start a revolution. She harbors deep feelings for Abe and resents that he spends his time with Cleopatra instead of her.

Sullivan became widely recognized for her work as a cast member on the sketch comedy series MADtv, which she participated in from 1995 to 2001. In addition, Sullivan has made guest appearances on various television programs and films, such as The King of Queens, Scrubs, and Meet the Robinsons. She is also a prominent voice actor, contributing to characters in popular animated shows like Kim Possible and Family Guy. Her voice can be heard in both of these series.

Mitra Jouhari as Cleopatra “Cleo” Smith

Cleopatra “Cleo” Smith is a fictionalized version of the historical person Cleopatra, and Mithra Jouhari portrays the role of Cleopatra. Cleo is shown as a gorgeous and well-liked student who is the target of affection from a number of her male classmates, including Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Julius Caesar. Cleo also has a large number of female admirers. Cleo is portrayed as being self-assured, aggressive, and even manipulative at times; she does this by relying on her brains and charm to obtain what she wants. Despite her widespread appeal, she is shown as a complicated and nuanced woman who grapples with questions of her identity and her sense of self-worth.

Jouhari’s work as a writer on the television comedy series Big Mouth brought her the most recognition. In addition, the actress has appeared in many movies and television episodes, some of which include High Maintenance, Miracle Workers, and Friends from College.

Chris Miller as JFK

JFK, a character based on the real-life historical person John F. Kennedy, is portrayed on screen by Chris Miller. JFK is portrayed as a charming and well-liked student held in high esteem by many of his fellow students, including Abraham Lincoln and Cleopatra. A convoluted romantic relationship exists between him and Cleopatra, and he is shown to have a rivalry with Abe Lincoln, who is both his scholarly and romantic adversary. JFK is portrayed as self-absorbed and impetuous, frequently acting before thinking and getting into difficulty due to his behavior. Even though he is flawed, he is portrayed as a trustworthy friend and a natural leader who can motivate others to follow in his footsteps.

Miller is a director known for his work on the films Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and The Lego Movie. He also directed the live-action comedy movie 21 Jump Street and its sequel, 22 Jump Street. In addition, they produced the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which won an Academy Award and was co-written by Lord. Miller also provides the voice for Mr. Lynn Butlertron, Principal Scudworth’s robotic butler, on the show Clone High.

Phil Lord as Principal Scudworth (Dr. Cinnamon J. Scudworth)

Principal Scudworth, also known by his full name, Dr. Cinnamon J. Scudworth, is portrayed by Phil Lord. Scudworth is described as a quirky and eccentric individual concerned with replicating historical figures to be exact copies of themselves. He is frequently observed carrying out weird experiments and employing unconventional approaches to accomplish his objectives, such as cloning the DNA of famous people such as Gandhi and Joan of Arc. Despite his peculiar conduct, it is clear that Scudworth cares deeply about his kids and the education they receive, even if the methods he employs are unconventional. He provides the audience with much-needed comic relief over the course of the show by frequently delivering amusing one-liners and partaking in slapstick comedy.

Lord is a well-known American filmmaker, producer, and screenwriter who is most well-known for his work on animated films and television shows. Lord and his creative partner Miller are responsible for creating the adult animated sitcom Clone High.

New Characters

This highly-anticipated resurrection will see the return of the vast majority of the original cast, except for these characters. Despite this, it has been decided that Gandhi, played by Michael McDonald, will not be returning. Frida Kahlo (played by Vicci Martinez), Confucius (played by Kelvin Yu), Sacagawea (played by Jana Schmieding), and Wesley (played by Sam Richardson) are just some of the new students who have enrolled at Clone High. Don’t be concerned, though, since plenty of new faces are joining the student population! There’s Ayo Edebiri as the iconic Harriet Tubman, Mo Gaffney as the no-nonsense Ms. Grumbles, Danny Pudi as the delightful Dr. Neelankavil, and Emily Maya Mills channeling her inner Ethel Merman. All four of these performances are fantastic. The revival will also feature many famous cameos, including appearances by Michael Bolton, Ian Ziering, and Steve Kerr as exaggerated versions of themselves. Additionally, the lovely Mandy Moore will be reprising her role as herself in the revival.