The Release Date for One Piece Episode 1064, And More Information Can be Found Here

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Zoro’s battle against King is, without a doubt, one of the fights that had the best animation in 2023, but there are still two more fights that could surpass it. After the phenomenal episode in which the two swordsmen appeared, it was only natural to assume that the subsequent episodes would move more leisurely. The events going place elsewhere in Onigashima were the primary subject of One Piece episode 1063. The fight between Luffy and Kaido was detailed in it. Both of One Piece’s most formidable forces have been engaged in combat for a considerable time, and neither side appears willing to back down. Even though Kaido got a couple of hits on his opponent, Luffy did an excellent job protecting himself with his Busoshoku Haki.

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The battle between CP0, X-Drake, and Apoo was also brought to the forefront of this episode. To combat the danger posed by CP0, two members of the Worst Generation banded together to create a temporary alliance. The assassins working for the World Government were attempting to kidnap Nico Robin, the only person who had managed to escape the massacre in Ohara. Since she was a young child, the World Government has had her pegged as a potential threat to their organization. It is common knowledge inside the organization that the Straw Hats pose a significant threat to her capacity to interpret Ponehlyphs.

Izo came across Kin’emon and O-Kiku in a deplorable state in a different location. He embraced O-Kiku and reassured her everything would be alright while holding her in his arms. Izo finished his remarks and then got ready to combat the Beasts Pirates. Given his current location, Izo may find himself in a situation where he must interact with CP0 agents. This former Whitebeard crew member is not a pushover, and he can thwart their plans.

Release Date of One Piece Episode 1064?


On June 4, 2023, One Piece Episode 1064 will be available online. The episode is “Drunken Dragon Bagua! The Lawless Dragon Closing in on Luffy,” and its description is “The Lawless Dragon Closing in on Luffy.” The story will center on Kaido, and it appears that he starts drinking in the middle of the fight. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given that he is a well-established alcoholic. The teaser showed that Kaido had returned to his normal form and had started drinking. It is possible that now is not the greatest time for him to get drunk, given that he is aware that Luffy is no longer a weakling. At the same time, Luffy could be thrown off his game due to Kaido’s intoxication, which would give the Emperor an advantage in the fight. The inebriated fighting style is one of a kind, and only some of the characters have the talent or the bravery to try it in a serious fight; however, Kaido is an ideal candidate for this fighting method. It is possible for it to backfire, though, because Luffy possesses the Haki necessary to injure Kaido. The pendulum will swing in his favor if he scores any key hits.

There is a possibility that Law, Kid, and Big Mom will have more screen time in this episode. Before Luffy vs. Kaido can reach its conclusion, it is clear that this specific duel must be settled first. The two Supernovas know that Big Mom possesses the same strength as Kaido. As soon as the fight started, Law and Kid were put in a difficult position because they could not damage Big Mom. It was established in the “Whole Cake Island” arc that Big Mom’s skin was exceptionally resilient. On the other hand, the young buccaneers were adamantly opposed to giving up their guns. When they started using their Devil Fruit Awakenings, things started to go in a different direction. Because of Mainly Law’s Ope Ope no Mi, he was able to penetrate Big Mom’s skin and cause her injury. The queen of Totto Land has decided that she will no longer hold back and will make certain that both Kid and Law are aware of what is at stake.

A Quick Recap of One Piece Episode 1063.

The news that Zoro had triumphed over King was presented at the beginning of One Piece Episode 1063. The next scene shows Yamato going to the armory while requesting that her buddy Fuga take care of fellow Numbers Rokki so they may enter. While this was going on, the Gifter Hamlet guided Usopp to the location where Kiku and Kinemon’s upper torso were lying hurt.


Usopp made several attempts to evacuate them hastily; however, the Animal Kingdom Pirates trapped the group, which forced Usopp to engage in combat. During this conflict, both samurai implored Usopp to abandon them, but he refused and lectured them about how they needed to put their survival ahead of all else.

After Izo had dispatched most of the pirates, it was revealed that he was, in fact, Kiku’s brother. This took place after Izo had defeated the majority of the pirates. This allowed Usopp to seize Kin’emon and Kiku and go away with them.

After that, the episode focused on many bouts, such as Raizo facing off against Fukurokuju and Luffy facing off against Kaido, the latter of which brought the program to a close. Before that time, the viewers were given an update on Sanji, who was currently being cared for by Osome, and Orochi, who was still having a good time with Komurasaki, whom he considered his one and only real love.

What to Expect From One Piece Episode 1064?

The confrontation between Luffy and Kaido is anticipated to take center stage in One Piece episode 1064. In recent episodes, the crew responsible for adapting the show has done an outstanding job of continuing episodes from where the previous edition left off. This has helped fans maintain a sense of continuity throughout the series.

It is reasonable for viewers to anticipate that the following episode will be the same as previous ones, particularly because a cliffhanger involving Luffy’s confrontation with Kaido has been hinted at.

The upcoming episode of One Piece, number 1064, will likely focus on the two for sufficient time to demonstrate how much fun they have with one another. Fans should expect a brief focus on the Fire Festival at the Flower Capital in between episodes 1063 and 1064 to give parity with the previous episode’s emphasis on Onigashima. This is further supported by the preview, which exhibits scenes of Tenguyama Hitetsu accompanying Otoko to the festival and showing them interacting.