WhatsApp Unveils Latest Update with Enhanced Features for Sharing Status and Screen Content

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WhatsApp to Introduce New Features Including “Status Archive” as a Business Tool

Wapita Info, which deals with WhatsApp news, said today that the application will introduce new features, one of which is called “Status Archive” as a new business tool, which will allow companies to share previous status updates with its customers, at a time when the beta version of WhatsApp Business is currently being rolled out to users.

Through the “Android” system, it will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. In the future, users will be able to find each other using their username instead of a phone number, and conversations starting with a username will be fully encrypted.

It has been said that some testers of a beta version of the “Android” system have noticed the new screen sharing feature, so that users, after pressing the screen sharing button, confirm and start sharing the contents of their screen during video calls or joint call.

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