Netflix Axes Fan-Favorite Fantasy Series: No Season 2 Coming!

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Unfortunately for fans of the Netflix series Lockwood & Co., it has been announced that there will not be a season 2 of the show. The announcement was made by the production house Complete Fiction, who expressed their gratitude to Johnatan Stroud, the author of the literary saga upon which the series was based.

While the news may be disappointing for fans, it is important to note that the success of a Netflix series does not always translate to longevity or sustainability. In fact, several other series have also not been renewed for a second season despite their initial success, such as 1889, InsideJob, Resident Evil, and Ozard.

Despite the show’s short-lived run, Lockwood & Co. was an undeniable success. The show was inspired by Ghostbusters and followed the adventures of private detectives who were able to track down and hunt ghosts. The main character, Lucy, joins the agency as a trainee and soon discovers that it consists of all children and young adults.

While the cancellation of Lockwood & Co. may be disappointing, fans can still appreciate the success and excitement that the first season brought. It is important to remember that the journey and the friendships made along the way can be just as important as the destination itself.

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