Action Alert: Catch These 2 Epic Tom Cruise Films on Netflix Before They Disappear!

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Netflix is ​​soon losing one of Tom Cruise’s cult roles!

Netflix has been known for bringing its subscribers the best entertainment content in the form of movies, series, and documentaries. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and Netflix is soon losing some popular titles from its catalog. Among the list of films departing the streaming platform, two action-packed movies featuring Tom Cruise will no longer be available for viewing starting May 22.

The two films in question are “Jack Reacher” and “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.” Adapted from Lee Child’s “Furious Madness” literary franchise, the movies feature Tom Cruise as a former military policeman on two thrilling investigations worthy of the best thrillers. Cruise is particularly cheeky in his character’s role in both movies, giving rise to cult passages like a fight scene after an altercation in a bar. If you’re a fan of Tom Cruise or movies with intense action scenes, you should hurry and watch these movies before they disappear from Netflix’s catalog.

Fortunately for subscribers, Tom Cruise is still active in Hollywood and has more projects coming up. The actor will soon return to shake up the box office with the final episode of the “Mission Impossible” franchise, divided into two parts- “Dead Reckoning Part 1” And “2.” Over the last twenty-five years, Cruise has played Ethan Hunt, the most effective agent of the Mission Impossible Force, and gave his best in all the films. For the final lap, Cruise pushed the boundaries of danger with stunning sequences, making “Dead Reckoning Part 1” a must-watch movie.

The release date of “Dead Reckoning Part 1” is initially set for the summer of 2023 (July 12 in France), and part 2 is expected to release the following summer. While waiting for Tom Cruise’s return to cinemas, Netflix subscribers can admire him at work in the “Jack Reacher” movies. It’s a great opportunity to re-watch the last four feature films of the “Mission Impossible” saga available in the Netflix catalog.

In conclusion, Netflix’s departure of two Tom Cruise movies may come as a surprise to many, but it’s hard to keep all the good movies in one place for an extended time. It’s vital to catch them before they depart on May 22. Nevertheless, dead reckoning is expected to be amazing, and the release of the two-part final series will have Tom Cruise fans eagerly waiting for more.

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